Als sign CB Laron Scott [url=] ... wRVtGJdU7s[/url] [url=] ... f-the-cfl/[/url] [url=] ... cle/57166/[/url]

Lots of sources :cowboy:

Bien. Les Alouettes cherchent du renfort pour les retours de bottés.

Espérons qu'il pourrait faire mieux que Leroy Vann, Noel Devine, Tyron Carrier et compagnie.

You guys were talking last week that our DB's are getting up there...

De cossé? :?

Arrete. T'es en train de me meler :lol:

Je veux pas te mêler, j’essaie de comprendre de quoi tu parles.

Last week Discipline was saying that we were recycling too many players and our DB’s were getting old. This is the kind of signings he’s looking for.

I like this signing. The more competition we have at corner, the better.

OK. Là c'est plus clair. Je ne suis pas certain que c'est exactement ce qu'il disait. Ma compréhension était que Brown et Parker se dirigent vers la mi-trentaine et qu'il fallait penser au jour où ils faudra les remplacer. Mais je crois qu'il réalisait aussi que ce processus semblait en marche avec les acquisitions de Gainey et Wells, entre autres, auxquels ont peut ajouter Edem comme maraudeur. À mon sens, la présence de Tisdale s'inscrit dans ce processus aussi.

This kid is not very tall but he’s fast and agressive with good hands. :thup:

You don't need height so much on the field side. It's more about recovery speed and the ability to survive in man press. You need that recovery speed to be effective in coverage on crossing routes as well. Part of why Byron Parker wasn't effective last year -- too slow to stay with his receiver through traffic / picks.

Thanks. We know what position you played :stuck_out_tongue:

All sign point to him being a good signing. both as a CB and a returner. To play CB he will have to adjust to a bigger field but he is ready to play now most likley which will create competition.
A year on the Giant PR then wiaved/injured last season.
A kid who wants to play