Al's sign Calhoon s for 2 years

Montreal, Dec. 15, 2008 – Montreal Alouettes’ Vice President and General Manager Jim Popp is pleased to announce that 2008 East Division Most Outstanding Canadian Ben Cahoon has signed a new one-year contract plus an option with the organization.

This what Makes me mad about the Ticats
They sit on their hands till after new years.
Then wait some more
How about some news on our FA
Some coach signings
why do we always wait till last sec to get these done.

Montreal is already way out head of us .
I no longer wounder we are dead last every year
Cause we are so slow to sign people
Sign the coaches
Sign our FA
Get ready for Free Agency
we need get people signed in the off season quickly .
we should be done before Dec 31st with coach Signings
Hurry up!!!!! LETS GET IT DONE

Cahoon was either going to retire or re-sign. He was never going anywhere.

To me the story is how MTL is crossing their fingers and attempting to squeeze yet another year out of aging/questionable health of players like Chiu, Stewart an now Cahoon.

Meanwhile in BC, Wally , a guy who's actually won something, is making the tough decisions in his release of well worn players.- like Clairmont.

The difference is that these "well worn" players had great 2008 seasons, especially Cahoon

1st in the league in # of receptions
5th in total yds.
Best season since 2003.
Eastern Finalist MOC
Eastern All Star.

Gotta let him go after a year like that...

Stewart was great and Chiu was an allstar.

Maybe the Als should have a yearly airlift of new talent like some other teams...ahem.

Some fan's logic really confuses me...

Yeah 1267 yards an he missed the first four games of the season. To tag Cahoon with questionable shows you know nothing about the player or the game. He is one of the best conditioned and disciplined athlete in the league and missed a total of 5 games in 11 seasons.

Making a comparison with BC enforces the fact you know nothing about football. The Lions underachieved, The Als overachieved.

Throw your venom at someone else then Cahoon please.

Dont have to release all of them at once.

The hallmark of franchises/GMs that win multiple championships is they release or trade otherwise good players slowly and replace them with younger , cheaper players who eventually get the same results. See the Eskimos dynasty and recently Wally in Calgary and BC.

As compared to keeping them, crossing their fingers, and running them into the ground making them old, expensive and untradeable.

I always found the logic of Als fans being happy with constantly being second best a puzzle too. Hab, Yankee, Laker, Liverpool fans consider it a failure to lose a championship never mind five in a decade

Yet another loss one would think changes would be coming in MTL but it looks like the same old same old with the Als. Just keep hoping is the approach I guess.

Als "over achieved" ??? Ran away with division , racked up huge stats, became the darling of the media and had the Cup at home and went out and scored how many points in the second half?

That's "over achieving"??? :roll:

If, by that standard, the Als are to be judged a failure, zontar, just how would you describe the Tiger-Cats?

Failure ,of course, never claimed otherwise, however things are getting better. The ownership situation Hamilton has faced since 1996 compared to MTL's is like night and day ...hardly a fair or accurate comparison.

Als have already cut/loss 3 vets Thurmon, Vilimek,Lambert

Also the status of Sanchez and Mudge are yet undetermined. You don't cut a 1300 yard perenial NI receiver because his birth year, you make moves based on performance. Like Clermont being injured for a second consecutive season and dropping to 650 yards in receptions.

Oh Lord I hope things are getting better Zontar.....................for the past several years now I've been predicting at the start of the sesason that the Argos will take a tumble and the Cats will get in the playoffs........might this be the year that I finally get it right?

Actually Bob Young has owned the team for four years and the RESULTS have been worse or at best equal year to year since his ownership, he's left more chared players and football people behind then anybody in this league since Nelson Skalbania, no small feat.

Buono turned the Lions around in 2, Tillman turned the Riders in 2, Rita turned the Argos in 2. The difference has been that the owners of these teams have let profesional football people do their thing and not meddle or panic andhave been willing to pay a premium to improve their product.

Can you point to what is getting better? Ain't the record, ain't attendance, ain't revenues, ain't the points against, ain't stability in football operations, ain't player development, how about player retention? ...the only two things that have gotten better are the bottom line (achieved with ticket hickes, mechandising andgutting football operations) and points scored. Wow!

Anything else is pure Wild a... guessing and optimism.

Better than 2008? plenty... better than any year in the past four years probably

Points scored in 2008-408 in 2007 287

TDs scored in 2008 44 in 2007 20

Led league in rushing (and not much will change in 09 with Caulley and KK.)

Led East in interceptions.

Chris Thompson led league in interceptions.

Prechae Rodriguez Rookie of the Year in East.

TiCats are better and getting better and you know it.

I dont know if its the lack of an anglophone message board for Als fans or that other message boards just ignore you but if you're going to come in here and boast about the Alouettes while pretending to care about the TiCats you have to expect some blowback.
Putting down the Cats and expect a free ride just isnt going to happen.
Losing another Grey Cup ought to make one a little more humble.

I just want to make sure that wasn’t aimed at me Zontar…don’t think it was, just want to make sure.

I personally do not just “pretend” to care about the Cats.

I am a CFL fan first and foremost; a Montreal fan yes second; but Tiger Cat fan a strong third.

I was born and raised in Hamilton, so the Cats are near and dear to my heart.

No worries.

Are you saying Bob Young is the Al Davis of the CFL? Comparing Bob to a crooked clown like Skalbania is pretty hard.

Still the ticats are slow at moving forward on anything
this is my point.

They may have signed guys and chosen not to announce it yet. Each team has its own policy regarding these kinds of announcements. I'm sure the Cats will let the fans know what they've been up to regarding player signings soon.

I will say though that signing of great vets like Cahoooooooon, Stewart and Chiu are no brainers. They can all still bring it!!

An Argo-Cat fan

[b]Better than 2008? plenty... better than any year in the past four years probably

Points scored in 2008-408 in 2007 287

TDs scored in 2008 44 in 2007 20

Led league in rushing (and not much will change in 09 with Caulley and KK.)

Led East in interceptions.

Chris Thompson led league in interceptions.

Prechae Rodriguez Rookie of the Year in East.

TiCats are better and getting better and you know it.[/b]

Agree with all the above but that isn't enough to make the Ticats competitive. Are they heading in the right direction yes especialy if they can find a quality DC are successful at signing two or three FA's and do well at the draft table.

And your not going to get anywhere with your personal attacks. I am not going anywhere :slight_smile:

We have 5 free agents. Mariuz and Setta are the only ones that will get signed. Lumsden turned down a contract before the year, Setta has been offered one, Piercy looks to retire.

Relax its not like they havent put the offers out there.

Any fan of the Als who tells you that this past loss didn't hurt is lying through his teeth. Even though they did overacheive, (most people were picking them to win 3-5 games) the Als ran away in a weak east and lost to a very good team by 8 in the Grey Cup.

Humility has nothing to do with this. This is a Ticat site and most of my comments should be about the Cats. Zontar says that the Cats are better than in the past four years and pulls out some stats to back in up. Well on a team that wins 3 games there are a lot of problem areas and if there arent major changes made in several key areas 2009 isn't going to be any better.

Montreal has been tthe best run organization in the east and possibly the league in the last decade. The Cats would do well to try to emulate their example. They built their roster by good scouting of Import talent and strong drafting at the CIS draft, by keeping their key players and letting the older ones go AFTER they lose their effectiveness.

Yes, the Tiger-Cats are in a position to critique how Montreal does its business. :roll: :smiley:

Clermont, Floyd, and Williams had all declined in productivity and Clermont was simply injured too much to be paid six figures in a cap world. That's why he we released. Williams is 36 and was the least noticeable or productive member of the B.C. front four.

The three Als veterans in question are coming off bounce-back years as pros. Cahoon and Chiu are all-stars, while Stewart led a resurgent D-line to finish near the top of the league in sacks. You can't just cut ties to all veterans all at once, you need a healthy mix of vets, rookies, and players in their prime. If you look across the whole team, you'll see lots of talented youth at key positions.

We're not the Argos, we don't let whole units get older without bringing in younger players to challenge for key positions. Since their return to the league, the Als have been the best-run franchise in the east by a country mile. Before you criticize how Popp runs the Als, maybe you should wait until your team posts a .500 record and makes the playoffs.