Als sign Bashir Levingston

What do we think of this move?

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Meh. It isn't going to help us get to the Grey Cup.

I pretty much agree but I can see him running one back for a TD in the eastern final against Toronto


Strange, I seem him running backwards and Jim Popp slapping him around when he gets back to the sideline.

ya maybe next year.

Probably won't make a HUGE difference but is the return game better going into the playoffs? I would say maybe (depends on what kind of shape he is in after a 2 month layoff).

It's about time BL was signed. I felt the Als should have picked him up when he was first available. The Als have a severe weakness at kick returning and, have a weakness in getting touchdownd period. This signing will help!!!!!

As per the article on the main page. The Als could have had Dorsey. I guess Popp was too busy coaching to be GM'ing

I am happy with this pickup. Bashir can help in so many ways...

First of all, Montreal get's bad field position often. Bashir can help us, because he is experienced, and I don't care what anyone says, he is the BEST in the league when it comes to the return game.

Secondly, he can spark the team. Lot's of times the team comes out flat. It would be a change for Bashir to make a big play on the field, and get the boys going, and bring energy to the team.

And thirdly, he is a versatile player. He made Toronto's very STRONG Defense team. If he made that unit in Toronto, he can play good Defense. Also, he can catch and run. Everytime he touches the ball, he is a threat.

My only problem, is WHY take so long to sign this guy?

100% opinion.

It will be interesting to see in what shape he is. Hopefuly he dosen't show up out of shape and at 31, that is getting up there for a kick returner.

Looks like Armstead will be available in the off season as well.

Armstead would look great in an Als uniform. Extremely dangerous deep threat, and I doubt he is loving Hamilton. That's just me.

The best kick returner won't help our return game if the blocking isn't good. And our special-teams blocking has been mediocre since Matthews left.

To be a great returner, you have to have the smarts. You can be slower than the usual receiver, but if you know how to move like a returner, and think like a returner. Not everyone can be a returner. It's like the Running back position. You can have speed, and blocks, but no smarts you won't do as well as the rest. Barry Sanders for example, he HAD NO BLOCKS, it was all Barry, making great plays, exploiting and finding holes.

Bashir Levingston is the best returner, and he only needs that one scene.

I think he can make things happen in the Playoffs. And when we play Winnipeg, we lose by about 3 or 4 points. One play from Levingston, might be what we need to knock off the Bombers this time around.

Once again, only my opinion.

Well I’m glad to have him, especially if Westwood is going to try to kick field goals :slight_smile:

An excellent point. With the amount of field goal attempts that go wide, there are sure to be a few return opportunities.

According to today's Gazette, Bratton and Davis are unhappy about the Levingston signing.

Wow, players unhappy with Jim Popp? What a shock!

Well, I am not surprised but it's not like they are being moved aside to make room for an NFL cut who has never played a down in the CFL. This guy has proven that he can break a 'big one' anytime during the game.

Brady seems to like the prospect of working on a shorter field though. :slight_smile:

I wonder what people will say when Levingston takes the ball at his 20, runs sideways or backwards for 20 yards trying to find a seam, and gets tackled at the 5. Because he did that in Toronto. A lot.

Going into the playoffs, you don't mess with team chemistry, and you don't ruffle feathers anymore than you have to. Bratton wasn't doing a bad job returning kicks. Instead of wasting a roster spot on Levingston, I would have talked the Uze (Okeke) out of retirement for the remainder of the season and put him back in the lineup at blindside tackle, because the O-line is where we need the most help, what with Seagraves and Bourke being done for the season.

With all due respect, I don't think that I have used the words 'team chemistry' very much this year when describing the Als. Honestly, I would be very surprised if anyone else on the team is that upset that Bratton or Davis is being replaced besides those two. Is our return game better with Levingston? Yes. Will it be enough to make a difference? Probably not.

As far as Okeke goes, I agree 100% but bringing him back woould mean Popp admitting he made a mistake...something his big ego won't let him do. In his mind, he's doing a great job! :lol:

Bratton and Davis were given plenty of opportunites and results varied from awful to adequate. If they didn't want to see someone come in. All they had to do was hang on to the ball and be above average. The amount of missjudged and bumbled balls this year was sad. Davis had a decent game in Winnipeg but nothing outstanding.