Als sign another Canadian QB

Interestingly, he's also a good punter. :smiley:

I've seen this guy play live quite a bit. He's a big guy but I can't see it...

how was his punting?

"good" by CIS standards, didn't see a pro leg like I did with Palardy. Maybe 35 yard average.

right around Whyte's average.

Je crois qu'il faut tempérer la moyenne de Whyte, dont la moyenne à vie est de 41,3 verges, et non 35.

Whyte est capable de faire des bottés de 45-50 verges, et au-delà du 50 à l'occasion. D'autre part, Whyte botte peut-être plus souvent que d'autres à une distance restreinte de la zone adverse. Dans ces cas, le placement du ballon devient plus important que la distance brute.

Whyte n'est pas Paul McCallum, mais globalement, il a constitué une bonne amélioration par rapport à Duval.

Tu as raison concernant l importance du placement du ballon. Au meme temps donner assez du temps pour les jouers de defense la chance d arreter une longue retour.

I think Whyte is a more consistent punter than Graves. Frankly trying to follow Jim's move right now is as difficult as learning a new Zumba dance.

Tout à fait d'accord. C'était d'ailleurs une faiblesse de Whyte en début de saison 2011, mais il s'est aussi amélioré sur ce point.

Je crois que Popp veut donner une chance à ces jeunes canadiens de se faire voir dans la cour des grands et de se faire évaluer par leur jeu plutôt que par les préjugés. Plus que probablement, ces jeunes retourneront à leur équipe universitaire et seront encore disponibles pour recevoir une offre l'an prochain.

“They’re winners and great athletes, and they both deserve an opportunity,? Alouettes general manager Jim Popp said. “In conjunction with the CFL, we’ve made it an initiative to help develop non-import talent

The above is from the Globe story on Quinlan and Graves. Could it be that the Als were asked by the CFL to bring in the 2 Canadian QBs to help their development? Not that there is anything wrong in that.

The league asked all teams to do what they could to help develop Canadian QB’s. As you can see only Calgary and Montreal and to a lesser extent Marcel Bellefeuille are supporting the request. It also gives the team two extra arms that they don’t have to count in their 12 roster moves (stupid idea by the league) if one or two QB’s need some rest. Also gives us some QB’s for rookie camp. It isn’t very likely that they will make the team but one of them could catch the eye of coach Trestman. Like he said he has zero knowledge of the Canadian College game.

Good to see this trend continuing but if a Canadian QB has any hope in hell of starting in the CFL someday, we need to have one QB roster spot that can only be filled by a Canadian. I've been convinced by some of the arguments in the main forum. Canadian QBs aren't remotely ready right now, in 2012, but they'll never be ready without experiencing live bullets in a meaningful pro game.

I have a hard time with that and here is why. On average it takes four years as a backup to build a CFL starting quarterback.
So if it takes four years for Lulay, Tate, Jyles, Durant... an on and on. How can anynone claim that a guy like Quinlan would not be capable of doing the same after four years as a CFL backup ??? No one can show me any proof of that because none have been given that opportunity and there lies the problem.

Also the best "football athletes" in Canada don't want any part of being a QB because they see no hope of playing pro and that is in their heads as young players. So in Canada your best guys at the amateur level are MLB, Receivers and Running backs ! The tall guy gets to hand off the ball. Seriously... and the dozen or so that do want to be QB's are recruited by CIS coaches with the idea of converting them out of the position.

It's a sick situation.

Yeah, given the number of busts from the US college system, the time should be right to mandate a Canadian QB spot so CIS kids can play QB without worrying about their pro careers. They need to have the opportunity.