Als Sign Alex Brink

With just Josh Neiws and Troy Smith as the only QBs on the roster they needed a third. Right now Troy Smith is running the short Yardage package but he has now been with Montreal for a couple of months.
Montreal all things considered are a good football team. The defense is up to par with other CFL defenses. Still special teams problems but the coverage teams are good. Offense a solid starter in Messam and four CFL quality receivers now that rookie Duron Carter has hit his stride.
I will place it out there for Als fans who would know best will Troy Smith enter the starting line up soon and does he give them the best chance to win. Can Brink be a good servicable 3rd string QB. He has done a good job over the years as the short yardage QB so he could definitely be useful for the Als

Not the way Neiswander is playing. But I would like to see him get in for the 4th quarter if the Als retain a solid lead.

Impossible to say until he gets playing time. It might be best to not play him as long as Neiswander plays well so that rthe Rouge & Noir don't get game tape to examine.

Probably, given how little the 3rd stringer is expected to do. Wonder if he has ever been the holder? I don't like the starting QB doing that job.

Smith doing well at the moment, but might they perhaps work up different short yardage packages for each to add variety.

Thanks for the feed back. I do know that Smith was the one QB that Popp was high on signing. He brings a unique QB to the Argos in that he has been an NFL starter and top back up for several years already. He is a little older now at 29 but by no means makes him old for a QB. He lost starting or back up jobs in his 4 full NFL seasons to such players as Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, and Kaper.
The biggest thing is that he still wants to play football and be a starting QB. You can just see how fast and strong he still is. Agree as long as Neiws plays good they will keep smith out of the starting lineup as long as possible this season and wait until next year to see him come out to a full TC and depending on AC start the season as the starter. The Als always great Oline will be in place and Messam Lumbala and a third import RB in the mix to go with Greene, London, Carter for sure.
I really like the Als using 4 receivers and a TE in Lavoi and having a back up with similar skills would be a very familiar look for a new import QB.

When Troy Smith was signed it was after many conversations between Jim and Troy. I am certain the deal with Troy was for him to experience the CFL this year and for Jim to get a good sense of Troy's abilities with the idea that if both guys were in sync. The offense would be organized for Troy next season. I don't see anything so far that tells me that things are not on track :thup:

Agree that seems to be the case and it answers the Question of who Popp had/has in mind to replace AC. It does seem to go according to plan and Smith has been very humble and he and Popp as you said had many a converstion putting them on the same page for how he will be used this season learning the offense and next season tweek the scheme for Smith.

Compte tenu de la blessure à Marsh, la venue de Brink n'est pas une mauvaise idée.

Je ne crois pas que Brink pourrait être un partant dans cette ligue, mais il demeure un bon substitut. Il peut s'amener dans une partie et avoir assez de cran et d'assurance pour avoir une certaine efficacité. Brink a de l'expérience dans cette ligue, ce qui lui donne un certain avantage en cas de blessure à Nedwisednar.

Mais je ne m'attends pas à le revoir avec l'équipe en 2014, à moins qu'il n'accepte un poste de 4ème quart et que Calvillo ait effectivement pris sa retraite (ce que nous anticipons tous).