Als sign Ahman Green...

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I flat out laughed when I saw this.

...this will not bode well for a threepeat....

I'm not all that familiar with Ahmed green. His wiki page didn't imply any large issues with him. Except he seems a little old.

He's been signed for a tryout. That's all! Dozens more will be signed for tryouts; only a few will be invited to the training camp.


He's likely only going to be a training-camp body. Seems to me that this signing has little to no bearing on our chances of a threepeat. And for what it's worth, the year we signed Lawrence Philips, we won the Grey Cup.

I still expect Cobourne to re-up with us.

Phillips was signed in Calgary for a year. What a joke. Wally gave up Anderson for Phillips. Anderson had a great season with bc. Phillips went Back to jail. What does green have in common with Phillips?

Nothing, except that the Als have managed to get a lot of production out of a running back with a troubled past before. So why not take a flyer on a guy who used to be an NFL star? I doubt he'll make it through camp, but if he does, he'll have earned it. If not, he'll be this year's O.J. Santiago.

ah…sigh…Buono did not sign phillips…he was fired before that. Phillips was Barkers guy.
And Montreal has absolutely nothing to lose with signing Green. Nothing.

I stand corrected. A barker thing. Bet he won't make a mistake like that again. If I got this right... Green was Phillips backup in college? Interesting. I was just trying to see what the controversy of this guy is about. The CFL is definately a step up from the UFL

...any chance we get to shake the pedestal you know we're going to take it :smiley: :twisted:

...not that familiar with Ahmed Green either. Ahman Green on the other hand.... :lol:


It's just how it goes. Everyone's gunning for you when you're on top. :smiley:

I'm excited for the upcoming season. I think parity will be at an all-time high in 2011. I wouldn't be surprised to see each division leader finish around 10-8 or thereabouts.

I have never been to Montreal... From out here in the west, this is my observation... The als are oposite of the habs. Players like to stay in montrealcto play football, and the press isn't as hard on them as the Habs. That's how it seems, but I could be wrong. Seems like the football players stay away from the drama a little.

Tsn is reporting this is a signing that eludes to the potential parting of ways with A.C. ( the running back). A 34 year old running back that's a rookie to the CFL... Thoughts?

I'm a Packers fan as well as an Alouettes fan, so it has been a good couch potato year for me.
Anyway, Green was great with the packers 7-8 years ago.
He does seem quite old now to make an impact, but I see nothing wrong with bringing him in for a shot to make the team. It certainly can't hurt, and I'd love to see him be a part of the Alouettes if he still has some game in him.