Al's Sign 22 players while GM Coaching in Grey Cup

Al's sign Cahoon and many others. BC signs Buck Pierce for $200,000/year. WHAT ARE WE DOING???
I am sure we going to pay for our season tickets soon but NO COACH / SAME PLAYERS....Come on guys the fans want to hear some good news.

Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins did create some salary cap space by releasing Josh Ranek, Kevin Eakin and Kamau Peterson a few weeks ago. Here's hoping that, over the past three weeks, he has started interviewing head coaching candidates and has quietly and efficiently restructured the contracts of the core group of Ticats to clear additional cap space for the 2007 season.

The restructuring of players' contracts had to be completed by last night at 11:00 p.m. for the bonus portion of the contract to be exempt from the 2007 salary cap. Therefore, we should expect announcements on Ticat player re-signings any day now.

On the coaching front, seeing that the CFL season just ended yesterday, Desjardins may need two or three more weeks to interview coaches from other CFL teams and settle on a new head coach. On the other hand, if Desjardins wants Charlie Taaffe, the announcement might come sooner. The Pittsburgh Panthers' last game of the regular season is on Nov 25/06 and, at 6 wins and 5 losses including a current four game losing streak, a bowl game appearance seems unlikely.

The point is both Montreal and BC have signed the SAME PLAYERS because they still had bargaining rights until free agency begins next February. Just because we have not doesn't mean we won't be making progress (and I'd argue that by locking up Holmes, Desjardins was one of the first to be "doing" something)

Coach comes first IMO. The man with the plan has to be in place before you know what kind of players you need to keep or add.

Hopefully signing a coach and not re-signing most of the yo-yo’s we had last year. Paying top bucks for free agents probably isn’t wise either.

And hopefully, our Caretaker is all out of Freshman, Sophmore and Junior errors. He’s in his Senior year, and then its the last year of the plan. Time to start winning and turning a buck.

I'm guessing there can be alot of good players released before next season for salary cap reasons. I think there will be a good talent pool available to help the Cats get ready for next year.

And hopefully, our Caretaker is all out of Freshman, Sophmore and Junior errors
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