Als sign 2 QB's

Dinwiddie and McBrien both invited to training camp

Quarterbacks Ryan Dinwiddie and Scott McBrien have signed contracts with Montreal Alouettes.

Ryan Dinwiddie joined the Alouettes' practice roster near the end of the 2005 season after spending the spring with the NFL Europe Hamburg Sea Devils and attending training camp with the NFL Chicago Bears. The 25-year-old passed for 9,818 yards and 82 touchdowns with the Boise State University and is widely considered the best quarterback in Broncos' history.

Scott McBrien also played in NFL Europe in 2005, with the Rhein Fire. After attending the Green Bay Packers' training camp, he remained on the team's practice roster and eventually joined the Alouettes' practice roster. McBrien passed for 5,924 yards and 37 touchdowns on 377 completions over two seasons with the University of Maryland Terrapins.

Guess it's time to say bye to big ol' Ted White.

Big Teddie White is an FA this year, after the Hamilton game, he prouved he wasn't worth a starting QB job.

Now we'll see if Ell Roberson is going to step up to the plate to become the 2nd QB, otherwise, he'll be out the door also.

Well I for one will not shed a tear at Ted White's moving on. Had to be the worst #2 QB in the league the past two years. His continued employment and his continued status as #2 and not as #3 has been a total mystery to me.

I like Ell Roberson, i think the #2 spot will be between McBrien, and Roberson. As for Ted White they might be able to use him deliver beer he can sneak his way through the stands.

Ted White would be better at alot of other positions rather than qb with his build. Fullback? Lineman? He probably would have been successful if he tried a different position.

He couldn't even run for 1 yard on like 5 straight attempts no?


Too bad for Ted, but its time for a better 2nd QB. He didnt get much chance though. Good luck on your life mr White !

Wheres Third???? Someone keep an eye for him. I hope Ted Whites departure doesn't put him in a depressed or suicidal frame of mind...LOL