Als should get Maciocia before 2008 Grey Cup in Montreal

It doesn't look like Danny Maciocia will last another season with the Edmonton Eskimos if they can't make the playoffs.

If Jim Popp is fired/steps down as head coach, then I think the Als should get Maciocia.

What do you guys think?

No. Not Maciocia. I would consider Greg Marshall (D.C. in Winnipeg), Steve Burrato, Dave Ritchie, George Cortez, or our own Chris Jones.

Well my first choise would be the don and my last choise would be Maciocia

You can't have him Hamilton needs an OC..

Chapdelaine and Stubbler are my first choices. Maciocia is a terrible tactician would just be trading a little short wannabee by a little short fat wannabe :smiley:

I read at the beginning of the year that Danny Boy, will go back t his deskjob in '08 and co-HC "Chappy" will become HC in 2008...

Chris Jones all the way for the Al's HC !

Good choices but I could only see Ritchie coming back if Popp was not around.

I really liked what Jim Barker did in 2002 as OC. I would like to see what he could do as HC.

But Maciocia? No thanks.

Barker won't leave a gm job to coach....only Popp would do something like that. pictures Popp trying to put the square block in the triangle hole...Never mind he's got five kids...LOL

Good point. And yes, add Barker to the list. I’d forgotten that he was O.C. here for our only recent Grey Cup win.

Onknight nice to see you in Montreal. I’m in town for the weekend. Just seeing if Montreal wants Dejardins back.

Barker, Chapdelaine, Greg Marshall, Richie Hall, Steve Burrato, would all be good guys to interview and seriously consider.

Not so sure about Chris Jones anymore.

Our defensive line cannot sack QBs, our LBs can't cover backs coming out of the backfield, and our secondary can't tackle anyone. Add to that the second half adjustments other teams make always seem to bamboozle us, not just on offence but on defence too.

danny barrett to be head coach
tracy ham as QBs Coach
Pringle as RBs Coach
Roy shivers as GM.

Shouldn't your leader look,(just a little),like the man he expects his player to be?

Short, fat and bald won't work in my calendar...


thats why danny barret would work, he is athletic, intelligent, articulate, confident, players coach, and doesn't act cocky in the media like midget man maccocia.

He also doesn't make the players work for their positions on the team...