Als Shopping List

Some of us, myself included, are starting to feel a little better about the Als QB situation. While perhaps a little early to get too excited, let’s assume it will no longer be the major issue with the team.

Nevertheless we are still far removed from being an elite CFL team. In my humble opinion the following are still required for us to hope to get there. Kavis’ interview with the Edmonton reporter has to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

  • 2 WRs - at least one being a burner

  • 1 DE - perhaps 2 as Bowman is winding down

  • 2DBs - guys who can play man coverage and challenge receivers

  • 1 SAM LB - despite his best efforts it is not hard to see Chip Cox has reached the end of the line

  • 1 Returner

These are Internationals, which really should be easier to find than Nationals.

Whether Kavis, Mack, Lande can find these guys is a whole other topic.

Only 2 WR ?
Who is good enough right now to make a decent receiving crew ?

Well I still like Cunningham.

But maybe you`re right - 3 receivers. :slight_smile:

Only three?

Might best be 2 WR and 2 SB

Als needs:
1 Owner
1 GM
1 scouting team
1 Offensive coordinator
1 Defensive coordinator
4 1st round picks
… and a few players

He's okay but nothing special. Best of a mediocre lot.

On a decent team, he'd at best be your #5 or #6

You left out head coach. If we get a new GM over him, and two new coordinators under him, he’d have to go as well.

I’m increasing coming to the opinion that it’s the scouting (read lack thereof) that is the central problem here. Looking at how weak our D line is, how mediocre our receiving corps is, and how poor the secondary is, it is clear that we are deficient in this area. Whatever possessed Reed into thinking that hiring Joe Mack was a good idea is beyond me.

Well there should also obviously be an Als Chopping List, but I`ll let others have fun with that. Some have already started. :slight_smile:

Football Ops staff & everything else

Think GMan has that one under control.

Good post MJ.

The Lions have released DE Gabe Knapton.

DE is on my shopping list, but I don`t think Knapton is an answer. He has now had 2 mediocre seasons in a row. My personal observation is that he lacks agility.

He could not do any worse than the players they have now.

In the article it mentions that the Argos could be his landing point.

Herb Zurkowsky?
25m25 minutes ago
Consequences. Finally. #AlsMTL have released receiver TJ Graham and starting field corner Joe Rankin

Herb seems to agree with you Tony.

Herb Zurkowsky?

Guessing #AlsMTL will bring back @Gabe_Knapton now that he’s been released?
9:05 AM - 21 Aug 2018

And John Bowman is back practicing. No Sutton though.

Probably wishful thinking that they would revisit Duron Carter who seems to have gone underground.

TJ Graham was a former NFL 3rd round draft choice.

As for Joe Rankin how they would sign a guy like him in the 1st place is mind boggling. He was 5 steps behind every reception made on him.

Was Knapton not traded for Williams?

Maybe Rankin had to watch out for “Broken? Glass.

Yes. Williams for Knapton.

Knapton is not the player he was in his early years.

Thanks Johnny.

Do not think Williams is the same player either.