Als sack Miller and Berry

"According to a report from RDS, the Alouettes have dismissed offensive coaches Mike Miller and Doug Berry."

We shall see whether Jim Popp remains as head coach for next year as per the reported wishes of Als owner Robert Wetenhall.

Oski Wee Wee,


Well they won't be coming here our coaches are just fine

Collateral damge from the disasterous Hawkins hire. Does Wettenhall have to pay them off too ?

Saw that this morning on TSN, issues in Als land.

Berry, no, but Miller had a two-year contract so we'll be paying him next year. Not great, but at least it's a start to getting our offense back on track after a horrific season.

True, but if Popp isn't back as head coach, there's the possibility of Montreal asking Hamilton permission to speak to Condell about becoming HC-OC, I would think.

My gut, which is suffering through a flu bug today, is telling me that Popp will be back. He wants the job and Wetenhall has too much loyalty to Popp to deny his wish.

Besides, I don't see Kent Austin coaching for more than a few more years. He will then move upstairs. He and Condell have worked together for sometime, and I suspect that there is a quiet understanding between the two that if the head coaching job becomes available, Kent will pass the torch to his OC.

Just a theory......

Hard to call. Popp lives in NC has five young children and his wife probably will have a say. According to Montreal reporters he's not really interested in doing this. We should know more in a week or two.

Perhaps, but I was hearing through the later half of this season how Popp loved to coach, wanted to coach. After the last hire, Wetenhall might be a little gun shy of bringing in another face to coach this team.

Just a theory, but I think Popp will be wearing the head coach's cap again this season in Montreal.

It's true, Popp did say that, but he also sang Mike Miller's praise during the regular season. Now Miller is gone. I think Popp was managing the optics as much as anything during the season. Now, we'll see whether he really wants to take on the grind of being HC full-time. As Hfx said, his wife will certainly have a say, considering the size of their family. It could go either way to my mind.