Al's running game

From the Gazette

[b]LENNOXVILLE - Even Avon Cobourne noticed it and couldn’t help but take some liberties against his former team.

Last Thursday, while the Alouettes were defeating Winnipeg in an exhibition game, relying primarily on their passing game, Cobourne posted this message on his Twitter account: “Als looking for a running back and they have eight carries going into the fourth (quarter). Good luck fellas.?[/b]

[b]What’s both disappointing and frustrating to the coaches is the fourth man in the mix, former Ticat DeAndra’ Cobb, has been sidelined indefinitely since last week with a hamstring injury and won’t appear in any exhibition games.

Cobb spent two seasons with Hamilton, rushing for more than 1,000 yards both years, but became redundant with Cobourne’s addition as a free agent.

“You go through camp, the grind and gruelling, looking forward to the enjoyment of playing - and you can’t,? Cobb said, shrugging. “But I’ve dealt with adversity before.

“I just want to get healthy and hope I get the opportunity to make the team.?[/b]

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Les Blue Bombers ont passé la soirée à remplir la ligne à 6 ou à 7. Les équipes B- et C des Alouettes s'est donc tournée vers les jeux qu'il fallait pour battre les équipes B et B- des Blue Bombers.

Not quite sure what this translates to - my French isn't what it should be (especially considering where I live :oops: ). But what I think you're saying is that Blue Bombers were trying out players on their line in order to get down to six or seven starters and backups. And the Alouettes, playing their second and third string, used whatever plays that would work to beat what the Bombers were showing them. Which, and I am expanding on what you said, resulting in them passing mostly and forgetting their runing game.

Is that it?

(I suspect that you are using an automatic web page translator. Right? If so, which one?)

What's your point?

From Google translator:

French to English translation

The Blue Bombers have spent the evening complete line 6 or 7. Teams B and C-Alouettes then turned to the games need to beat teams B and B-Blue Bombers.

huh? :lol: :lol:

Oh brother.. here we go again


Reads like a Math equation LOL ! Even in French...

He says the Als didn't try to run because the Bombers loaded the box the entire game leaving their secondary out to dry, so the Als B and C team spent the evening playing pitch and catch against the Bombers B team.

Running game is to the Als what the secondary is to the ticats IMO... A mystery for now...

Thanks. I misinterpreted his first statement, but sort of got his second one right.

Not sure why, when they're trying to decide on the RBs, that they wouldn't still have tried to run a bit more. Sure, with a loaded box, all their RBs might have ended up looking like Cobb, running into the backs of their o-line. But if one had actually been able to push through and make his own holes in that situation, then the team would have known they had a winner.

What Hfx said.

Burke was stacking the box to stop the run, so Trestman and Milanovich went to the air, to the tune of 400 yards passing in a game featuring only our backup QBs. Trestman isn't a guy who will force the run when it's not there. To me, it's no good evaluating running backs when the offensive line isn't opening up at least one hole at the point of attack. I want to see what Bernard, Whitaker, and Marc can do once that hole opens up (decision-making, aggression, acceleration, ball security, etc.).