Yeah i wanted to wait for someone to start it but with Darian Durant out of today's game with a hip flexor I couldn't resist.

Looks like a team we can rebound against. No sense dwelling on yesterday. Off to the Alouettes Alliance meeting.

The way the season is going, there will be no gimmees for the Als. They'll have to prepare for each game like it's a playoff, IMO. For any pro sport a good adage is - when we win, enjoy it for a day; when we lose, forget it right away - we have another game next week!

So, time to get ready for the Riders on Sunday.

Go Als go!

The line of the night at the summit from AC: 'Home advantage comes into play when you're at home'. No kidding. :stuck_out_tongue:

4-1 so far. No reason not to win the next 2 . Ssk got away with a seemingly boner call from Burke not to go for the winning field goal.

Well today would have been Tony Proudfoot's 63rd birthday and I have never seen this forum so quiet. hello? anyone out there? :?

maybe everyone's watching game film in preparation for this weekend's game... :wink:

I'm assuming it's the winnipeg game and the BC game tapes are in the garbage where they belong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Durant and Dressler apparently good to go. Maybe a non-mobile DD is just what we need. :slight_smile:

less penalties would be a good start.

Safe to say we won't see that unchallengeable challenge penalty again. :wink:

Our defence has gotten pretty good pressure on the QBs lately what we need is a special teams coach but failing that maybe we could borrow a monkey from granby zoo and stuff it into a track suit

The league would never allow it. He'd be overqualified. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not one of Trestman's finer moments... :oops:

He'd be fine you're mistaking overqualified with way better than we have currently

And he’d get paid in bananas. Saves Bob some dough.

Mathieu Proulx defends Bischoff on today saying he's 'excellent' but that he has too much to do. He suggests that another assistant would be beneficial.

He's an excellent RB coach but he is clearly not a special teams coordinator. If Proulx is arguing that Bischoff is qualified to do special teams coordinating then he is wrong. We've had the worst special teams in the league since Bischoff took over the job

He didn't specify. He just mentions than another coach would take some pressure off him.

Just got my fan train ticket. Only 100 sold so far.

Bekasiak out for the rest of the season with a torn pectoral muscle:


Well at least you're back. Scared me there, we still got 8 games and a likely home playoff game.

Been laying low since the BC beatdown. :slight_smile:

Ditto here. We were making progress, especially on D, but the last game shot things down in flames. And it wasn't just one aspect of the Als' play - everything was lousy! So, I'm back to wondering what the 2012 Als are all about.

We all had questions heading into this season about the changes on the team, and we had a couple of blowouts that made some us wonder even more about the direction of the 2012 Als. After that, things started to gell on the D. There are still problem areas, which I think all of us understand. All I can say at this point is that they will have to rebound from that L and put a good game together on Sunday.

Last season, and even with a depleted D, the Als could have still finished with a bye and an automatic berth in the ESF with a W in any one of their last 3 games, but weren't able to finish the job. I'm still hopeful they can win, but I will have to see much improved play and another winning streak before I'm convinced this edition of the Als is better than the 2011 version.