Als @ Riders

Calgary bailed me out last night. Let's hope I can put a streak together. Go Montreal! (Sorry, Riders fans, I picked the Als. :lol: )

Pre-game's on now!

Good afternoon posters; it’s another double header of football entertainment. Only 22 more days till cflisthebest returns. 8)

So we better enjoy the next 3 weeks. :lol:

I lol'd at Randoff's Buy/Sell/Hold game. :lol:

Unfortunately I had to give up my tickets as I couldn't get out of work today. This is a huge game for the Riders, and also for my VGCC pool. Sasky wins and I go 3-0 to start the weekend.

May the best team win Dust, and my Rona picks/scores are not good either. However I’m 3-3 in Daves pool.

I really hate these crazy wind games. I didn't realize it was that windy when I was out earlier. Unfortunately these games end up being more field position strategy than action.

Whoo! 7-0 for Montreal. So far so good. :smiley:

That was too easy for the Als. Richie has to get the defense under control, far too many guys wide open for easy points so far. Montreal is going to score points on you, that's inevitable but you have to make them work for the points.

Apparently Tristan still has it. Damn.

Big return for Sask. and Cox had the angle to run the ball carrier down. Big Cates up the middle for the major to tie the game at seven each.

That was an awesome tackle!!! :o Not much defence so far. :lol:

Good response from special teams and O TD Cates.

Well that was a quick response. I think that was longer than any return all of last year. I like to believe I led the "FJD" cause. (Fire Jim Daley).

Could be a shootout, nice job Riders there.

That was a heck of a pass to Green. :o

I don't think that could have turned out any better for the Riders. Montreal leads a long drive deep into Rider territory, takes valuable time off the clock with the wind, and don't come away with any points.

I don't think you can overturn it based on those replays.

INT all tbe way.

Well there's no way he's down, he doesn't have possession of the ball long enough, and the ball never hits the ground. Weird play but it should be RIder ball.

Wasn't really much doubt. Not sure what took so long to come to the obvious conclusion.