Als @ Riders

Are all the Riders fans at the game? It seems unusually quiet for a Riders game.

I just turned the game on. Looks like the Als got the ball from a turnover. Cool. I need an Als win so I can break my 1-3 streak. :lol:

I'm here for ya, Chief. And I regret that I can't share your sentiments.

Don't really get what Sask would have gotten had they succeeded with their challenge ... :?

what the heck was the challenge all about? am i unaware of some possesion rule that would have helped the riders?

When we had back-to-back turnovers, I started wondering if we were going to have another game like the B.C./Saskatchewan game. :lol:

The Saskatchewan defence is playing excellent. We're 10 minutes in, and the Als only have 3 points. :lol:

Both D's are doing good. It probably looks better on Sask just because they are going against the arguably better O. But with the Als with the wind this quarter and always on the sask side of the field, that three points could go up soon.

...if I were a big wig in the Rider mgmt I would make a trade for Sherko Haji-Rasouli with BC...then I get a small white bulldog with an black eye marking and name him Bandit....then I would ask Johnny Quinn to legally chage his name to Johnny Quest...

...Johnny Quest, Haji and Bandit for kick returns....they'd be un-stop-able... is 60's retro weekend...

I guess it was PI, but I wouldn't have complained had it not been called. Close.

Questionable call on the PI, looked like a good defensive play to me.

Jyles fumble on the Als' 2 - Dooh! Come away with a big Zero points.

It is turning into the BC game - sharing turnovers! Riders get it back at the Al's 4. But there's a challenge.

Geez that fumble is close...probably too close to overturn.

Good call by the on-field official. That Baggs is tough.

TD!! Welcome back, Wes Cates!

Did Montreal not hear me when I said I need an Als win? :lol: If Monreal loses, then I have to depend on Hamilton beating Winnipeg to break my 1-3 streak, and I gotta be honest... I'm not that comfortable depending on the Ti-Cats! :lol:

Another blocked punt!! Way to go special teams!!!

Sweet merciful, this game needs some offence! I'm getting a little tired of the constant punting. :?

And another Sask fumble - gotta like Darian's desire to make things happen but you aren't a running back. Go down.

And an Als TD the very next play. Blown coverage by Sask D. Good on the Als to capitalize.

And yet another Sask turnover!!! Boy, this is not good.

Feeling a little better now, Chief?