Als, Riders Injury Reports: Adams Jr. misses Monday with illness

TORONTO — The Montreal Alouettes have filed their injury reports ahead of their game on Thursday night at Percival Molson Stadium against the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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Sick of Trevor Harris?

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Butt hurt?
It seems VAJr is not playing nice with Harris

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In this article Adams is taking responsibility & saying the right things. How he feels might be a different matter.

Adams ne cache pas qu’il est déçu d’avoir perdu son poste. Il reconnaît toutefois de ne pas avoir livré la marchandise. « C'est difficile, mais je dois continuer à me prouver et offrir de meilleures performances. Je suis le seul responsable. »

how do you translate this into english?

Adams is saying it is on him and he needs to do better.

Highlight the section you want translated and right click for a menu where translate to English is an option.

Disappointingly there is no translate to French option.

thanks carlos harper.... hopefully I remember this for next time..... cheers

After reading the article in English, my thoughts are maybe Adams needs to meditate more LOL

Full article translation.

Trevor Harris is the new man of confidence of the Alouettes.

After suffering a heartbreaking loss Thursday in Toronto, the Montreal Alouettes were back in practice on Sunday. Khari Jones' men will play their first home game on Thursday, when they host the Saskatchewan Roughriders. However, it is not Vernon Adams who will be at quarterback.

Unsurprisingly, it was Trevor Harris who was taking reps as the starter. Khari Jones believes that for now, Harris offers the Alouettes a better chance of winning than Vernon Adams.

“Trevor will be the starting quarterback. He did a good job in the last game. I spoke to him and Vernon and they understand the decision,” the coach said.

For Harris, nothing has changed in his work routine. “My preparation remains the same. I'm working as a team with Vernon to be ready to face the Roughriders on Thursday.'

Adams had been the Alouettes' starting quarterback since the 2019 season. The 29-year-old completed just two passes for 14 yards against Toronto when he was pulled from the game in favor of Harris. Adams does not hide that he is disappointed to have lost his position. However, he acknowledges not having delivered the goods. “It's difficult, but I have to keep proving myself and giving better performances. I am solely responsible. »

The loss in Toronto was heartbreaking for the entire Alouettes team, but especially for David Côté. The kicker missed a 21-yard field goal attempt that would have allowed the Alouettes to win. Since last season, the former Rouge et Or has been synonymous with consistency, but Côté has no intention of letting it get him down. 'It's going really well, but it happens. I am a human like everyone else. I missed it and there's nothing I can do about it. I have analyzed all of this and I have small points to work on this week. The most important thing is the next kick against Saskatchewan. »

'I spoke to him after the game. I told him that I trusted him. I think he's recovered quickly and will be ready to bounce back against the Roughriders,” Jones said.

Moreover, the Alouettes could bet on a new left tackle in the next game since Nick Callender was taking reps on the first unit.

Highlight the section & right hand click your mouse. A translate to english option should pop up.

Doesn’t matter now, VA has Covid. I’m looking down the list of illnesses it looks like there’s an epidemic of it on the team.

6 Als down due to illness, plus the team President, and now the owner.
With 3 of 8 confirmed to be Covid, one would think they all are.

I hope this Covid thing has no chance of canceling the game. Unlikely... I hope?

I don't remember if the COVID protocols are still in place this year or if they are only testing those people who are symptomatic?

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The Als are not only hurting with a 0-2 start in the 2022 season. Their starting roster leaves a lot to be desired. :question: Trevor Harris ability to come through in the clutch can never be underestimated. :exclamation: I still like the Riders to pound the rock and control the vital time of possession. Hope Cote can bounce back from the 21 yard field goal he missed last week versus my Argos :question:

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