Al's Riders game.

This game is worrying me a bit. I just hope Durant isn't on his game and our def is ready to break some heads! I hope we can rush Durant as many times as possible and sack him, or like we've seen in the past when pressured throw interceptions. We've also got to watch Cates, but I said the same thing about Boyd and we did just fine. We have to watch the long bombs to Dressler and friends because they've torched us in the past with them. There def doesn't scare me though, I hope AC can get as much time like he did against Toronto and throw missles, i'd also like see Cobourne get as many touches as he did vs Toronto.

This is their concrete. Just watch :wink:

Trap game for us. I am not at all certain that our defensive problems have been sorted out. It's one thing to beat up on a Toronto team without a top-notch receiving corps and featuring a CFL rookie at QB. It's quite another to contain Durant and his arsenal of weapons. Until and unless the d-linemen show that they can consistently get after the quarterback, I remain unconvinced. Durant killed us with his feet as well as his arm last time around.

Pierre Vercheval mentionned the following:

Als played on Thursday & play this game on Friday, so 8-9 days (depending if you count game day...) at home, no travel = rest time ....

Practice started today as per what I read on the web.....

'Riders played Saturday, play on friday so 7/8 days between games

Lose "1 day" of practise because of travel.....

Guys have less time to rest...

Als are 11th straight wins at McGill....

Just tidbits I wanted to share....

Every week someone has to come and steal our player of the week honors! Arland Bruce boooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

I am a little concerned with Montreal's ability to stop Saskatchewan's offense as well but the former have improved quite a bit since that first game. The Riders for their part have been abysmal against the pass so far this season. If the Als can use the run effectively to keep the defense honest, Anthony could have a field day out there.

I thought Durant played well above par in the Grey Cup game but, watching him in action thie year He has convinced me he is the real thing!

I think it was last year Durant was quoted about how when under consistent pressure he felt like he was standing on a highway with cars whizzing past him...
Just watching the replay of the Ticat game...Durant hasn't really been on his game...missing receivers....showing signs of panic....settling for field goals.
Maybe a bit obvious, but if John Bowman and the guys can get some pressure on Durant, (and the secondary can keep it clean) the Alouettes have a good shot at beating the Riders tomorrow.
A healthy dose of Avon Cobourne on the offensive side and it's revenge time!
Go Als Go!

This uniform is just as, if not more, amazing than last year's retro. :thup:

Just got in from Molson stadium. Picked up the long sleeve retro t-shirt, just like the one Trestman was wearing, what a beauty! Anyways, yes our defence gave up 445 yards passing but there were on the field the whole game. They stopped the drives and only gave up field goals. In my opinion they didnt have there best game, but it wasn't as bad as the stats say. Waiting around after the game talking to some players AC and Bowman left with the doctors. AC was all smiles talking to everyone, but Bowman had his shades on and didnt want to speak to anyone. He ready looked like he was in pain. TV view and live view are different. Can anyone tell me exactly what hapenned to Bowman, Ac and Estelle?

For the most part the defense played a great game against a really good offense. Chip Cox in particular and the great push for the safety, our DB’s did a great job in coverage in the red zone. The big difference between both teams is the Riders know how to use their running back, he was a full part of their passing game while Cobourne was an aftertaught.
Damon Duval big, big field goal at a very crucial time of the game. Tim Maypray… :rockin:

Great job on a very tough win ! Hope Bowman and Calvillo are allright :thup:

I agree with you. The Als had a hard time moving the ball in the second half only getting a few of first downs. Having the defense out so long is a lot to ask against such a good offense. That being said, they did come up big when they needed to. That safety proved to be huge! As far as the injuries go, AC looked like he had a dislocated index finger on his throwing hand however, he was throwing on the sidelines towards the end of the game. As far as Bowman goes, he seemed to get the worst of a helmet to helmet collision with Maclevean (not sure of the spelling). Hopefully nothing serious in either case. Two VERY key players there.

I noticed that too. Cobourne was so effective coming out of the backfield last week and yet, was hardly used last night. It's as if AC kept waiting for something downfield to open up and consequently, held onto the ball for too long.

Apparently, neither Trestman nor Milanovich nor Calvillo are interested in learning from history.

The week after your running back goes 100-100 and shreds a pretty good Toronto defense, it sure makes sense to forget about him against one of the top teams in the league. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Full marks to the defense for stepping up and giving us the win despite another horrendous second half for the offense.

When it comes to the running game, though, I give up. We have an all-star tailback who's just as capable as a receiver and we let him rot blocking in the pocket. Hfx is right: Sask knows how to use Cates, we don't know how to use Cobourne with any consistency.

The week after your running back goes 100-100 and shreds a pretty good Toronto defense, it sure makes sense to forget about him against one of the top teams in the league. :roll: :roll: :roll:
In a way, it's too bad the Als won this game. If they'd got their butts handed to them, there'd have to be some serious re-thinking going on. As things stand, and with so many teams struggling this might not be until week 14 (Calgary) before this one-dimensional offensive "attack" starts getting questioned by the powers that be.

What if Buck Pierce gets back and healthy?
Jarios Jackson could well pull BC out of it's funk.
Hamilton WILL start winning again...
Hell, even the Argos are starting to look like a football team.

Squeaking by in the first third of the season could lead to losing half our games in the second, and falling totally flat in the last.
Defenses will continue to adjust if we don't start running the ball.

What is this, the "Emperors New Offense"?

Je crois que ceux qui sont le plus certains qu'il y a des progrès à faire sont les joueurs et les entraîneurs des Alouettes eux-mêmes.

La clé demeure la ligne à l'attaque. Il faut que Lambert devienne un centre de premier plan, particulièrement dans la communication des ajustements de dernière seconde. Lambert est une recrue au centre, malgré qu'il soit un vétéran. C'est un poste névralgique pour lequel les Alouettes devront trouver un remplaçant très bientôt : Lambert n'en a plus pour très longtemps lui non plus. Pour maintenir leur excellence, il faudra probablement regarder ailleurs car on voit mal qui, dans le personnel actuel des Alouettes, est prêt à prendre la relève.

Si le problème de la ligne à l'attaque se règle, cela donnera plus de temps au jeu de passe pour se développer. Les autres équipes ont compris que pour gagner contre les Alouettes, il faut coincer Calvillo dans les 3 premières secondes : elles le font avec le blitz. Il faut donc faire des jeux pour contrer le blitz comme il s'en est fait contre Toronto : "shovel" à Cobourne, passe voilée à Carter, jeu renversé avec Bratton, courses variées de Cobourne. La défensive de Toronto, qui est très respectable, est devenue hésitante et le terrain s'est ouvert pour les Alouettes. C'est la recette.

Peut-être que les Alouettes ne veulent pas montrer tout leur livre de jeu maintenant, mais ça ressemble plus à un problème de ligne offensive.