Als-Riders game thread, July 18

Hi folks, TSN has this game at 3 p.m. ET (3:30 should be kickoff) – big game for the East division in that an Als loss would allow the winner of the TIcats-Bombers game to tie Montreal atop the East standings.

The game is in Regina. Apparently the Als will wear their red retro unis, while the Riders will wear their white ones.

Enjoy the appetizer for the Ticat game tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ, if the kick off is at 3:30 eastern, the TV coverage of the Cats game will pick up sometime in the 2nd quarter. I hope you're wrong about the kick off time for the Als-Riders game.

I think this will be a good one. As it stands right now these are easily the best 2 teams in the CFL.

The Sask D will be the biggest challenge Montreal has had so far this year. Then again the Montreal O will be the biggest challenge Sask. has had all year.

Should be a good one!

I was surmising, NSK -- usually there is a pregame show but I see on my satellite TV guide that they will not have one because of the British Open -- they will have SportsCentre at 2:30 instead. I will edit my thread title. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the head's up!

Oski Wee Wee,

would it be wrong of me to root for montreal in this one, i mean we play montreal next week, and i couldn't see them losing 2 straight games, so that's sort of why i want them to win today

and i have them VGCC :smiley:

Should be a close one.................the defences are about even...........on offence you'd have to give Montreal the edge.......but homefield is advantage it's pretty even seems to me..........

This should be a jim dandy lets hope Skatch wears the Allwets out for their next game. :slight_smile:

i just turned on sportscentre thinking it would be focused mostly on the 2 games today but all i'm seeing is Tom Watson being interviewed!

i hate golf :twisted:

I'm with you there jordan..................the two "major" sports that I have absolutely no use for are golf and basketball.

Lol...the guy is 59 years old and leading a Major after 54 holes. And you'd rather listen to TSN drivel in a pre game show? Don't worry, Suitor will spend the entire game talking about everything except the game, so you'll get lots of background info.

yea sort of.

Boreham punted blocked, but Shaun Lucas of the Riders recovered the ball. He did not get the first down, so the Als get the ball.

Riders are challenging the call that the Als touched the still need the yardage, so the Als should get the ball.

clearly Lucas did not get the first down, yet the rider fans boo and Miller is challenging :?

wait, even if the als touched it it should be the als ball because they never had possession right?

On a block, if the punting team can get the ball and get the yardage for the first, it retains possession. Didn't happen there.

Als fumble recovered by Kornegay of the Riders.

Seems like another turnover fest in Regina! LOL

yea i knew that but the riders were challenging that montreal had possession of the ball and then lost it and recovered by the riders which would have made it there ball regardless of where lucas got to.

but clearly MTL never had possession.

Exactly. If there is a change in possession, then the yardage issue is moot. A subsequent change in possession during the play would mean that Saskatchewan would get the ball at the dead ball spot, first down. Did not happen as you point out.

so far this is shaping up to be a defensive battle.