Als resume practice tomorrow...

The Als resume practice tomorrow. Do you guys think that we will see Seagraves and Perret practice on the first squad O line? (See my lengthy post on the subject of the O line).

Someone asked Popp on CJAD if they thought about bringing Okeke back (out of retirement) to left tackle. Popp answered that if an american was to play O line, it would be Seagraves (he had a great camp).

Who will be dissapointed if no changes are made to the O line QUICKLY? I still say that the O line has to improve before AC and the new offensive system can be judged.

As per Al's [url=]website[/url]...Perrett is inactive ??

I wouldnt be surprised if seagraves was given the spot over probably fritz

Good news. The new guys can't possibly be any worse than our current unit. The tackles in particular have been flat-out awful. No contain on the edges, getting beat one on one constantly, not able to keep Calvillo from being sacked, hurried, or hit every other play.

True, but don’t forget that “inactive” does not necessarily mean “injured”. It is an administrative term to keep a player on your roster. Don’t forget that Bruce Perry is on the inactive list because he got married, not because he was injured.