Als relish new president’s experience

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Als relish new president’s experience


This guy Ray Lalonde, the new president of the Montreal Alouettes
has a tremendous background in sports marketing and administration,

He just finished ten years in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens,

He started with the Montreal Machine of the defunct WLAF.

Then he ran the NBA’s office in Europe for eight years.

and get this!

It’s believed Lalonde has signed a personal services contract with Wetenhall.

That deal, which pays an estimated annual salary of $500,000,
is likely open for review and extension on a yearly basis.

as one Als fan said...

It sounds like Ray Lalonde is the perfect gentleman to
fill senator larry smith's shoes as the alouette PRESIDENT!!!

once again MR. ROBERT WETENHALL scores another TD with this move!!

Excellence begets excellence.

It's more of a challenge to stay good than to get good and Montreal has stayed good consistently.