Als release Troy Smith

Was amazed how bad he was....saw him play in San Fran a few years back and he was decent...more fuel for the CFL v. NFL debate.

Last year when everyone was going gaga over Smith, I could see flaws in his game and predicted in the pre-season he would flop this season. He reminded me of poor-man’s Cleo Lemon.

Based on stats, you are correct Xvys.

Cleo Lemon had a CFL career 63.2% passing completion percentage, and a QB rating of 82.5

Smith had a CFL career 49.7% passing completion percentage, and a QB rating of 72.6.

So over their careers, Smith was actually worse than Cleo Lemon.

And if you just take Smith's numbers for this season, it drops to 47.7% and 63.6

Smith looked like he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door on many occasions and looked lost, his career is over I'd say. I thought he would be a fantastic CFL qb. I was wrong.