Als release Troy Smith

not surprising, but I can see another team picking him up as backup assurance or continued developmental project.

[b]CFLDaily @CFLDaily The Montreal Alouettes have released QB Troy Smith. #CFL[/b]

I really thought that at some point, the light would go on for him and he'd become productive. Ah well.

Well not until next season:

Arash Madani tweeted this:

"Timing of the #Alouettes releasing Troy Smith today is no accident. By cutting him after the #CFL trade deadline, he now can't play in 2014."

odd rule considering the now unemployed Smith will no longer receive a paycheck from the Als and cannot shop his services elsewhere this year....and even more surprising given that the CFLPA obviously agreed to this provision.

how long has this rule been in effect?

Haven't a clue. . .

just seems greatly unfair to the player, who cannot pursue further employment possibilities and yet the team itself abdicates any and all financial responsibility to said player.

the union/association dropped the ball large on that one.

Yeah, that's pretty sleazy. "We don't have to pay you, but you're also not allowed to play for anyone else."

he is free to look for work in any other football league.

is it a fact that at this point he is not still getting paid for the rest of the reg season??

Ottawa should be all over this.

every time I feel tempted to dis or write off a young qb, I remember calvillo in Hamilton. Sure thought he was toast then

Only 4 year veterans have their salaries and bonuses guaranteed for the remainder of the season (after Labour Day). Smith will get nothing, although I believe he got a sizable signing bonus in lieu of a sizable salary. Smith played so badly you have to wonder if he has some personal issues (remember Quincy Carter?) Smith said earlier this year he was deliberately over-throwing receivers because there was less chance of an interception? I thought that was a bit strange?

Smith could still sign in the NFL or Arena league this year, but I doubt any CFL team would want him anyway. :expressionless:

A team can sign him no problem. He just can't play until next season. This protects veterans who otherwise would be left to hang and rented out like a cheap tux for a the playoffs.

Awesome. So when do they plan to release Johnson?

how many teams would be willing to sign Smith to a deal, and not use him, while also using up a roster spot?

likely none unless it is a futures contract agreement.

Agreed, but Smith is not a "young" QB.

What do you expect from that (dis)organization? They gave in on virtually everything else, why change anything?

Smith was added back to the roster on Oct 12 and not deleted until today, which means teams certainly had a chance to express interest in a trade. There is no way to know if he was placed on waivers before the 14th (trade deadline) but it certainly seems that no one was interested in his services at the current contract price.

The rules on release after the trade deadline are pretty brutal for the players but I think it was intended to stop the rent-a-player for the playoffs from teams out of the playoffs that were looking to dump high-priced salaries.

If that rules is going to be in place for that reason, then it should be required to pay any remaining salary at this point in the season if you cut someone.

Well they have a series of cut-off dates for salary guarantees for veterans but you are currently out-of-luck the first couple of seasons. I'd assume that this was and will always be a bargaining point between the CFL-CFLPA but no side ever gets everything they want. Cutting players that no other team is interested in trading for or claiming on waivers (which never seems to happen these days) is something that teams seem pretty stuck on when you can dump salary against the cap and not waste active/practice roster space.

And to avoid nudge-nudge/wink-wink deals where the non-playoff teams release players on the understanding that the team picking him up will compensate them later.