Als release running back William Stanback

MONTREAL — It’s the end of an era in Montreal.

The Montreal Alouettes announced Tuesday that they have released American running back William Stanback, per his request. The veteran was set to become a free agent on February 13.

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The Lions are rubbing their hands with glee…

I wish him well. Great player for the Als. Loved watching him shoot through defenses. I believe he still has some game in him!

You still need an offensive line that can open a hole. I didn’t see that in the skill of their offensive linemen or in the play calling willingness of the BC play calling. I hope I’m wrong because I love watching Stanback run the ball

Although it’s very disappointing to say goodbye to such a class act and talented running back as William Stanback, I wish him the very best for the rest of his career! That was a wonderful Grey Cup touchdown and helped the Als stay on track for one of the most exciting Grey Cup victories in recorded CFL history. Thank you, William, for always giving 100% and leaving it all on the field. You will certainly help another teams’ success but I wish there was a way for you to stay in Montreal!! You are a player with a lot of heart! A true champion!!!

Might we see him in Rider Green??