Al's Release Running Back Chris Jennings

The Montreal Alouettes have released running back Chris Jennings today I wonder if Chris might fit into our team here? We could have an Al's backfield of Jennings and Diedrick in Tiger-Town??

so let me get this straight,reading between the lines....You want to dump Walker after one game played,Congi after three games played!! Whats with you BIGCAT???? God forbid Burris has an off night,you'll being screaming for his head too,talk about a fair weather fan,why dont we just cut the entire team...maybe then you'll be happy!! :roll: :roll:

Congi should be cut so lets not bring him into this, and I don't think anyone said cut Chevy but it wouldn't hurt to bring in another back if the coaching staff isn't happy with what they have.

Before we start quitting on people and looking at scrap heaps from other struggling teams lets relax.We havnt even seen what Tavoy Moore can do.

...and then there is a voice of reason amongst the panicked masses!!!

Tavoy Moore. Enjoy.

Hey Bobo24 are you really a Tiger-Cat fan, did you read my post? Did I say cut Chevy Walker NO, Did I say Cut Conji in this post no I said it on another, don't put words into peoples mouths or you might find something bigger in yours!@!!

Been a fan for over 40 yrs. going back to the old CIVIC stadium days,watched all the legends in person(Mosca,Henley,Barrow,Zuger,Fleming,Coffey etc.etc.).So sorry if I upset you,BIGCAT.One of my pet peeves has always been that no matter what player it is that gets cut,its always been lets pick him up,get rid of who we got!!!! This line of thinking is one of the reasons,fans get turned off,lack of continuity and constant player turnover. All I was saying was that with bringing in Jennings,with C.G. on i.l and LaMar our k.r,Walker would have to be bumped to get Jennings in the lineup.Better is better but Jennings to me isn't an upgrade,as for Congi after week 3 he is currently tied for 2nd in points(29)and 2nd in fgm(6).We have players already waiting in the wings on our current roster,no need to pick up other team's table scraps!!! :slight_smile: