Al's release Rakeem Cato?

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hearing @MTLAlouettes have released QB Rakeem Cato #cfl @cfl

not surprising

[i]Stupid move! Watch him go to another team and become a quality starter.

This sucks! :thdn:

Jim Popp lasted 19 years as Als GM. If Kavis Reed keeps up his "good work", he should not even last 19 months![/i]

I could see the Lions picking up Cato to compete with Keith Price for the No. 3 job. Jon Jennings has a window to tryout in the NFL after this season...and is as good as gone.

Nope. Hes not a Buono type guy. Waaaaay to much drama for Wal

Young guy who showed potential, I can't help to think they gave up on him way too early.

Edmonton or Sask is where I suspect Cato lands for his first re-trial...

After that - Ottawa or Toronto; Kent Austin's exploding head would double explode if that kid landed in Hammy!

Winnipeg and BC are way too focused on character guys but usually end up with lesser talents. Character is great but it doesn't always catch passes, run routes, block guys into obliteration, make key plays and win cups! :cowboy:

Not a Al's fan at all but good move by KAVIS ! DON'T EXPECTED GOOD MOVES LIKE THIS AT ANY TIME.
That being said he will sign with SASK as they are under budget. 11 coaches 58 players and a taxi squad of 32.
But under budget to carry 7 QBs. Doesn't include MOTEL expenses...

We desperately need QB's as our cupboard is bare.

He can’t sign with Saskatchewan, Duron Carter plays there…

No one should expect him to sign a contract before at least a couple months. He's going to try and find a spot somewhere in the US first. If he does come back, Toronto would be a good spot.

That would be fun to watch - Carter and Cato fighting again and Chris Jones in the middle of it trying to separate them.
Would be good for TV ratings

So where in the US and who do you figure he'll sign with ? The Spring League or the Arena League ? Because I honestly can't see him getting a shot or a contract in the NFL . My guess is that Cato will eventually resurface with one of three teams , those being either Toronto or Ottawa or perhaps BC as a long shot . One thing for certain is he won't be signing in Winnipeg (Stafford) or Saskatchewan ( Carter) anytime soon this season . :cowboy:

I can see Jones in SSK signing Cato, Jones loves controversy, in fact he thrives on it.

LMAO !!!! just think of it , how ironic it would be if the Sliders did indeed sign Cato ? They would have the same trio of scrubs at quarterback as the Alouettes had on their roster to start last season :lol: Yup !!! Glenn , Bridges and Cato together once again tossing passes to that son of a Carter :twisted: and we all know how that turned out for Montreal , now don't we ? :smiley: :lol: Hell if Corky did sign him we could just change the name of the team to the Saskatchewan Roughbirdies :smiley: :lol:

.....Cato has something going on and most of the league is still wondering just what that is??He looks good on a lot of plays then pulls a disappearing act and looks lost...Of course he was on his horse a lot of the time due to poor protection (I know a lot about that being a Bomber fan )...He might give the arena league a buzz but I think another CFL club will be his landing place....NOT Wpg. or Sask. for sure...could be Argo material especially if Ricky pulls the pin....Ottawa....maybe but he most likely will be back in the CFL at some point..

He did not play well against Ottawa but he would be an improvement over O'Brien . I see Toronto as the other team that might have an interest .

Read slower Bobo. I never wrote he would find a spot. I wrote he will take the off season to look for one.

Stephen Hawking would be an improvement over O'Brien.

O'Brien has a slightly better vertical than Hawking!