Als release Ezra Landry

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oh well...the guy missed all of '06 and the als got stokes now....

bye itty-bitty

Not surprised. As drummer said, they went out and got Stokes. Besides, it seems like his intention was to play in NFL Europe all along. Hope it works out for him.

laundry is twice the returner stokes is. all stokes does is run backwords and fumble the ball. the only reason they are replacing laundry with stokes is because stokes can play reciever, and laundry hasnt played for a while.

I am surprised. If this guy is injured and can no longer perform, then I can understand. But, if to the contrary it does not make sense. When on he is another Gizmo Williams type, possibly best in the league returner.

I'm not so sure bout that

after totaling the 2004 and 2005 seasons for punts kickoffs and missed field goals

ret.....yards......avg......avg long*
276.....3883....14.06......67.12...... 6


ret.....yards......avg......avg long*

Look pretty equal to me

Avg long*
I averaged out the longest return for kicks punts and missed field goals for both seasons

Wow he still plays! I thought he had retired.

who still plays?

Ezra is a little younger and quicker than Stokes, but Keith can also play slot, he brings more to the table overall than Ezra.

yah…stokes has a great magazine subscription

makes you wonder why the stumps didnt scoop him up.

kid wasnt even that good, if he could barley survive the easy workload and less physical cfl game, how is he gonna survive in the nfl, let alone nfl europe, he should switch his career choice to jockey.

Stokes can catch the Ball also, Stokes showed some not bad hands, with the Bombers. I do agree with truwarier, he does look frail n weak... have to wonder when a guy like mini-me gets injured and has to sit out a year long his career will last ....anywhere ?????? :roll:

Good luck to Landry in the NFL Europe. He was one of the best the past few seasons he played.

I was not impressed with Stokes his last year with the Bombers and his year with the Argos. I thought he was outstanding in his early years in Montreal. But with two so so years and that he's not getting any younger, I thought the Argos made a steal getting Karikari for him.
I wonder if Don mathews would have made that deal?

Don Matthews would have had nothing to do with that deal cause we wasn't the GM. Popp still dealt with the players business side and DM just coached the team

Well, Karikari did not have a great season last year either. Seems to me he spent most of his time chasing receivers after they got behind him.

Well, if Argo fans are happy to get a guy who lost his job last year to Lamont Brightful (yes, Lamont Brightful), then be happy.

No kidding. Karikari really struggled last year. Time and again he got beaten on big plays.