Als release Bruce

When are Pro athlethes gonna learn that twitter and those other social networks do them no good :cowboy:

So, Higgins says he's going with two non-import receivers. Given who they have on their roster, I'm thinking that's good news for Stala.

I thought they released him the day of the tweet.

He'll land somewhere. Not what he was five years ago but still a useful guy to have. Maybe Ottawa. Needs to keep his mouth shut though.

An Argo-Cat fan

The day of the tweet, his personal website was essentially closed down. It simply had a big cartoon picture of a grinning Barack Obama. The next day, the site was open again but it featured pictures of Bruce in his BC Lions uniform. I'm guessing the Als cut him loose pretty quickly even if they didn't announce it officially. But I doubt the Lions wanted to be associated with him any more than the Als at that point.

FYI, his site now has an apology to Michael Sam, the Als, the league, and just about everyone else.

Even if Bruce didn't offend people, Montreal probably would still release him. Any good manager is supposed to find younger players who can do the job better for a cheaper price.

Too old and too unpredictable.

He's done.

I think that he was going to be released regardless of his inappropriate tweet but it certainly didn't help! He has now been with every team in the east except for Ottawa (including Winnipeg as an east team) and BC. Did see a tweet somewhere that he may consider retiring - unless someone comes up with a nice offer! I won't hold my breath! :smiley:

I liked Bruce when he was here but even before he left production was starting to drop off and that was three years ago.

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Bruce did very well for the Als last year: 850 yards and 5 TDs from the wide-side WR position, in a year when the offense was a complete gong show from start to finish, is pretty damn good. The homophobic tweets certainly didn't help but really, he got cut loose because we need to start a NI at receiver again (because Emry went to Toronto). Numbers game. If Emry had re-signed in Montreal, I'm not at all sure that we wouldn't have kept Bruce. He could give Ottawa at least one year of good service, I think.

When you think a while back Bruce was the most feared receiver in the league, nobody could cover him. I wish him luck wherever he lands. A lot of teams seemed to put up with some strange behaviors to keep Bruce playing on their team he was that good. :cowboy:

Well, I don't recall any problems with him here...AND, I do recall after his trade to BC, he turned around a team that was stuck in the cellar 6 games back, only to win a Grey Cup. :wink:

I wish him well and think he may get picked up by someone. His numbers last year were decent. Maybe Ottawa.

What did he tweet, specifically?

FYI: pho·bi·a [foh-bee-uh] noun
a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to avoid it.

@woody - I too don't remember any problems with Bruce and he certainly did give the Leos a shot in the arm in 2011. I guess the question is - can Ottawa afford the salary that Bruce would want after handing out a boatload of money to Burris?!

So calling out Kevin Glenn on the field wasn't a problem?

Man, that kind of stuff happens all the time off-camera. People pick up on it selectively because they want to reinforce an existing narrative of a given player as a malcontent.

I recall back in 2006 Craig Yeast calling out his QB at the end of the game. .. Lancaster cut him before they made it to the locker room.

You can see what he tweeted here - … chael-sam/

Although extremely poor English, those remarks weren't phobic.

Of course they were homophobic. And in fact, they weren't really poor English. Twitter, as a genre, lends itself to a different form of expression.