Als release Ahman Green on first day of camp

Story on TSN

MONTREAL - Ahman Green's tenure with the Montreal Alouettes was brief.

The club cut the former NFL running back Sunday after he showed up to training camp with a hamstring injury.

Green signed with Montreal in March and was expected to compete for the starting job after the Alouettes allowed Avon Cobourne to sign with division rival Hamilton as a free agent.

It appears the CFL isn't a cake-walk, eh NFLers (players and fans - mainly directed at fans)

"Hamstring injury". it crossing the border I guess.

Trestman is a great coach but for some reason he wants to bring old, washed up NFL players to camp every year. Last year it was Santiago and this it's year Green and Porter.

People show interest in an Als player being cut but not a star Ticat player being absent from camp. Right.

They'll be back.This guy likely won't and he was hyped up as one of their potential starters and the Al's are the team to beat league wide, not to mention the mountain we have to climb for 1st in the east.Oh, and they're also in our Labour day game this year.Maybe that's why it's interesting, or maybe it's just me.

Hickman has something personal going on. Green is a former NFL all-star who got cut. What's the bitchin? Did Bauman showboat another TD?

In other MTL news....

Prechae is hurt. Kerry Carter, Watkins, Kitwana Jones, McElveen all flunk physicals and temp. suspended.