ALs release 12

Montreal cuts 12 players
12 Joe Wiser Quarterback Portland State

17 Robert Kent Quarterback Jackson State

19 Tim Duncan Kicker Oklahoma

37 Jerry Ntakrah Cornerback California/Pennsylvania

40 Lamar Chapman Cornerback Kansas State

59 Alan Weekes Defensive tackle Windsor

60 Joe Johnson Tackle Central Missouri State

64 Curt Hundeby Guard Saskatchewan

80 Levander Segars Receiver Montana

85 Adam Eckert Receiver Dickinson State

90 Victor Cabral Defensive tackle Georgia Southern

98 Mike Sutton Defensive tackle Louisiana State

No big surprises so far, the RDS website says that the Als might or could put Jenkins and Curry on the injured reserve list to start the season.

The Als are starting the season with Jonas Lewis as the starting running back, backed up by Canadian Eric Lapointe.
But Michael Jenkins has been put on the disabled list to start the season and Robert Edwards was suspended and has returned home to the States, but will be returning to Montreal.
Matthews says he expects all 3 imports Lewis,Jenkins and Roberts to play for the Als during this season. But that will be quite a juggling act, trying to keep the players happy and if no other team wants these guys, who are all good. I guess it's up to Lewis to perform great or he sits.

Ça démontre bien des choses.

Le Staf, ??

Dredging up some old stuff
Wouldn't mind seeing Eric Lapointe in the backfield again
Healthy and busting heads

sorry but confused again!! NO?