Als Redo Lavoie contract for 3 years

Montreal rookie FB/TE Patrick Lavoie played so well this year that the Als have redone his contract and have changed the way teams will use their FBs. With Lavoie not only able to block as a TE but also was a dangerous receiver. Calgary have used Rob Cote in the same way before this year but it is the ALS and Lavoie that may have brought the FB position back into play as an offensive threat out of the TE spot.
In Hamilton Daryl Stephenson made the move to this position and for the first time in his career he was an offensive threat in the CFL. Saskatchewan dusted off Neil Hughes hands again as he has also been used in this way over the past two seasons.
Both Lavoi and Stephanson at 6'2" and between 230-240 give them nice size as a TE also.
It was great to see an athlete like Stephanson who rushed for 5,000 yards at Windsor as a power back get to use those skills for more than just special teams.