Als Receivers

I noted in one of the postings a couple of weeks ago that a western team signed Ivan Birungi-a tall 220 pound Canadian receiver. He was drafted last year by the Als but was released and went back to his university for a fifth year. Have the Als missed out on a quality receiver? I think not. I remember in the 2003 draft the Als first pick was Andrew Noel a big strong receiver. He did have the physical being and quickness but in camp they found out he could not catch. He was released but a sixth round choice Dave Stalla made the team. I have faith in the Als staff and think that Birungi will be another Andrew Noel.

Whoever he is, he's got to be better than Thyrone Anderson.

Birungi was never released by the Als...they drafted him last year knowing he would play an extra year of University. In fact, after Acadia lost to Laval in the playoffs, Birungi said that he was going to work hard in the off-season so he could show up in shape for the Als camp next year.