Als QB Situation

The MontrealAlouettesannounced on Sunday that the club has extended international quarterbacksAntonio Pipkin,Vernon Adams Jr.andJeff Mathews‘ contracts. Adams Jr. and Pipkin signed two-year extensions and will remain with theAlouettesin 2019 and 2020, while Mathews signed a one-year deal through 2019.

No Drew Willy?

Seriously, obviously good to see Pipkin extended.

There is going to be QB upheaval throughout the CFL this off season. I can even see Manziel traded to Sask. where Collaros is going to end up punch drunk with all the hits he has taken, and Bridge has shown to be a bust.

They will have three QBs familiar with the "system" the team runs, four if Manziel comes back (IMO depends on signing a new contract), and can dump any of them at any time if needed.

Having the QB’s signed is positive.

Jones system, not so sure.

Agreed … if KJ is back my only hope is that the OL and receivers were so bad that the offensive scheme is better than it has looked.

Good news that Pipkin is signed!

Very good news, now they have an option if Johnny doesn’t want to add a year to his contract.

With Manziel, Pipkin, and Adams (no comment on Matthews and/or Shiltz), QBing is not a concern for me for 2019.

It’s the O-line, the receiving corps, upgrading kicker and returner, and finding ourselves 2 defensive ends who can provide some pressure on opposing QBs.

Bingo, Most of this is import talent (except the oline) So who's going to recruit and sign them???

Has Johnny started a Fire Joe Mack thread yet?

We might see Shiltz share time with Manziel next week.

Im still curious to see what he can do, dont think we ever saw a large enough sample size. I certainly think he is better than Adams.

“They told me they were going to get Pip and Matt(hew) Shiltz some reps through the end of the season,? said Manziel following the victory, his first in the Canadian Football League. “I did some good things, did some bad things, but I’m feeling more comfortable every week. I thought Pip did a good job as well today.?

Johnny sees Mack and Reed as linked together. Get rid of Reed, the Mack will follow.

On RDS, Vercheval said many times today he did not understand why Reed got old players like TJ heath and Adarius Bowman. He says the Als should have found young American players instead.

This is a failing of the US scouting by Mack.

They were probably signed by the AAF.

Johnny Manziel won’t be traded to saskatchewan or another team, Sheldon. He will be the Als QB. I have more faith in him than Pipkin.

Johnny will return as will Kavis Reed and Mike Sherman and I agree 100%.


Richard- you are probably right about Reed and Sherman. But I am hoping you are wrong.

Boivin and Reed were out there before the game doing interviews on RDS and it is very, very obvious they are coming back. Sherman told Muamba he’s coming back. I don’t think any of them will get contract extension but they will play out the last year of their deal.

Will make for another interesting season.

Good news 8)


While I am 100% positive- my own impression- that Kavis Reed and Mike Sherman will return, I nevertheless agree that there will be no contract extension. They both will play their career,at least in Montreal.

While these 2 will return, there will be changes in the coaching staff and on football operations.Bye,bye Joe Mack and Russ Lande and certainly others.

One major positive "item’ is that the QB situation,contrary to previous years, is settled. Concentration will be on receivers, defensive ends and a few LB’s and DB’s.


And these are a lot easier to find then QB


With Reed likely returning, will he in fact get rid of Mack and Lande?

And the new AAF is aleady having an effect on CFL neg lists and recruiting.

So will Reed have to rely on free agents again?

Lots of stuff to be determined.