ALS, QB Situation

Its time for us to have some focus on this topic. Should we attempt to wonder what will happen in the future the best model is to examine what has happened in the past. To date we know that the QB slot belongs to Calvillo. In recent seasons Mcpherson has basically been benched, other that his work on third down and, infrequent reps when AC was injured.To begin the season one must think that the QB position still belongs to AC. The Als offensive was super producing the best team offense in the league last year.{ Loses- were the fault of the defense}. So there is no reason to think that this season will be different and, AC and, other offensive players will all assume the same positions as in the past. Trestman will hand AC the ball and there is no reason to change any part of this team, unless injuries reoccur. This leaves McPherson back on the bench. Trestman wants another Grey Cup and Calvillo is the best QB to provide him with this. It appears the Argos have a really great QB in Rick Ray and, with the addition of new persons on the offensive team, I would think that the Ti Cats will be more difficult to beat this season. If our team will have greater competition so much more will be Trestman's tendency to stick with his winning QB.

Thankfully, as noted by Madjack, our team has already secured rights to tons of Americans presently having a third or forth year in NCAA football. Should a couple of these guys eventually sign with our team, one or two of them will be future leaders. As for McPherson, sticking to tradition,Trestman will continue to utilize his best QB and, barring injuries McPherson will likely ride the bench again and, with his free agency coming at the end of this season, he will QB another team in 2013. It is disappointing that the Als will not be seen on preseason this year. Too bad, as last year I liked what I saw in Neiswander. Perhaps those of you who will get to preseason games this year will be able to share perceptions of number 2 and 3rd rated QBs.

We're in a really unique situation here. Tracy Ham was in serious decline at the end of his career and the injuries made it easy for the organization to slot Calvillo into his spot. Looking around the league, Burris fell off in a big way last year, Ray hasn't been the same since 2005, Glenn got traded, and Pierce's numbers were pretty awful. That's all the veteran QBs in the league. Then you get to Calvillo, who is still posting great stats, still leading the team to wins, still able to compete at a very high level. I don't think he can take the pounding of a full 18-game season anymore, but damn if he doesn't still give us our absolute best chance to win any given game we're playing. You post up 500 yards in a losing cause in the ESF and you've shown the world that at age 39, you can still gun it.

This season, I think the plan will be to give Anthony in-game relief by using McPherson in more than just short-yardage or 4th quarter cleanup situations. Doing that over the course of the year will reduce Anthony's wear and tear while giving Adrian meaningful game time. We don't know what Popp, Trestman, and Brady are planning for the future, but they're smart men and they are undoubtedly gearing up for life after Calvillo. The question is how to manage that transition smoothly for the team.

There was also a special running back named Mike Pringle to hand off the rock to.

Indeed. Far easier for a QB to break into that system, which basically involved handing the ball to Pringle most of the time. It was only when Don Matthews arrived that the offense transformed into a pass-first affair and Calvillo took center stage.

La transition de Ham à Calvillo était un contexte très différent de celui de Calvillo à ... qui au juste?

Il semble que Calvillo ne peut plus assumer des saisons de 18 parties. Les pauses forcées qu'il a eues en 2009 et 2010 lui ont permis de recharger les batteries et de revenir plus fort par la suite. Il aurait dû faire de même en 2011 après que Marcus Howard l'a envoyé quelques minutes entre un trou noir et le Nirvana.

Ceci pour dire que si les Alouettes veulent vraiment aller au fond des choses en ce qui concerne McPherson, ils devraient lui donner au moins 4 départs cette saison, avec Calvillo comme substitut. Je pencherais pour 1 départ dans le premier tiers, 2 départs collés dans le 2ième tiers et un départ dans le 3ième tiers. De cette façon, McPherson bénéficierait d'une réelle occasion de montrer ce dont il est capable, notamment en ayant une occasion de faire deux parties de suite, et en ayant une équipe préparée pour être dirigée par lui. McPherson aurait un peu plus son avenir dans ses mains dans de telles conditions.

Le problème, c'est de savoir dans quelles conditions l'équipe se retrouvera. Si l'équipe se bat pour la première place, Trestman pourrait se faire reprocher d'avoir confié une partie à son substitut alors que l'enjeu est trop important pour le faire. Ce n'est jamais une décision sans risque.

Ce côté un peu incongru de cette situation me fait penser que peut-être Popp et Trestman ont déjà fait leur nid en ce qui concerne McPherson : ils le voudraient bien comme substitut, mais pas comme partant. Ceci pour dire que les Alouettes pourraient déjà avoir des visées sur un autre quart-arrière sans que cela ne soit vraiment connu. Ce n'est certes pas Santos. Nieswander? Lulay sera agent libre après 2013, à moins que son contrat ne soit prolongé avant terme, et ce sera probablement le cas. Reste ces nobles méconnus qui se démènent à se faire remarquer chez nos voisins du Sud qui pourraient receler une perle dans le gravier.

Il demeure que puisqu'il faut quelques années pour préparer un quart-arrière au jeu de la LCF, il est peu probable que les Alouettes compteraient partir à zéro en 2013 avec un jeune fraîchement sorti des rangs universitaires. Il est donc plus probable, si l'horizon est 2013 ou 2014, que nous ayons déjà vu jouer le successeur de Calvillo, qui qu'il soit.

Maintenant qu'il ne reste à Calvillo qu'un record de Damon Allen à sa portée (le plus grand nombre de tentatives de passes), il sera peut-être plus facile pour Trestman de se décider à donner du vrai temps de jeu à McPherson, histoire qu'il puisse montrer de quel bois il se chauffe ou de lui donner assez de corde pour qu'il se pende.

Difficile a dire. Si AM joue son option tout peux t'arriver Je crois que Coach et Marcus vont regarder attentivement durant le mini-camp la semaine prochaine. Mais si il n'y a pas d'entente, l'equipe va soit l'echanger ou on verra le statut quo de l'an passe.

My feelings about this are well known and I have posted them in previous strings.

I agree with d&p and also hope that the Als' braintrust understand that this is (likely) AC's last stand and that they have to integrate AD into either some starts or give him more playing time. That is, of course, if he is the designated replacement. Without a doubt, the most difficult position in football is the pivot, especially considering the complex O-schemes run by Trestman. Wouldn't it be nice for AC to sail into the sunset in a blaze of glory with GC 4 hoisted over his head?

Go Als go!

No issue in NYC. Gonna get to meet Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and the entire NYGiants next monday night while the wild rose party likely gets elected in alberta. Only 500 bucks for the soirée. Well worth it.

End of an era for the als with Calvillo and perhaps Trestman and likely a rough decade ahead for us. :?

We shall see. They say your only as good as your last game. His last game is 44 points, 513 yards, 30 completions and 3 touchdowns.

Your posts have motivated me to locate names of QBs who were active at the age of 40 or greater in their active rolls. They are/were very few. George Blanda played active quarterback in his 42nd year but continued on as kicker at the age of 48. Steve Deberg was 44, Warren Moon 44,Vinny Testaverde 44, Mark Brunall 41, Ron Lancaster was also 41.Damen Allen was 43 and at 40 years AC still active we find AC. The majority of QBs seemed to remain active up to 30 years. What struck me was the fact their were so few of them. Calvillo, should he remain healthy, might be around for a couple more years. He does respect his health threw diet and physical activity. By looking through the net, I would think that the odds of AC playing for a year or two is low. He is just one of 7 QBs who retained their health and were active in this age group.

Yes MadJack - it should have been through not threw.

Ken Stabler played for 15 seasons so did Jim Plunkett, Bob Griese 14 that's just the top of my head there are others. If anything your example shows it is possible to play the position to the age of 45. Not saying AC will do that but if he did that would mean six more seasons and I think as long as he can play like he has, more power to him.

Many, including myself, thought that Anthony was done after 2007. He came back and played four seasons at an elite level, leading the team to 3 Grey Cup finals and two championships while picking up back-to-back MOP honors. He was still an elite player last year. I'd say that with all he's given to the organization, the job is his to lose as long as he keeps playing at a high level. If and when he falls off we can talk about his successor but you really can't argue with the numbers he's posting up year after year. Same with a guy like Geroy Simon in BC. Sure, he's 35, but man, he sure doesn't play like he's 35.

seem to recall reading somewhere late last year that AC was open to the notion of having McPherson play more this season.

which would fall into what d&p stated, AC playing most of the season, allowing McPherson more playing time and gaining more experience and ultimately a little less wear ad tear on AC.

That's the way I feel. He's a jewel of a player and a great person. I wish him only great things. He should be appreciated by many more people than he is but I think he knows the real fans appreciate him.

Ken Stabler last played QB at the age of 39. Bob Griese was 35 and Jim Plunkett was 33 at retirement from active play. I have checked several sites and, could not find more than 7 who played at the age of 40 or over. I believe most of the great NFL guys did not play beyond their mid or late 30's. Ron Lancaster 41 and Damen Allen at 43 were the Canadians who played past 40 and now Calvillo will have the opportunity to attain such status, This demonstrates that the QB in both the CFL and NFL who play beyond 40 are rare birds. In recent seasons Calvillo has taken the physical and mental steps required to prolong his playing life. Unlike talented QBs in both leagues, Calvillo apears to get better with age. This year Calvillo will reach the age of 40 during this season. He joins the very few QBs who, to date, who have such an accomplishment. Rightfully, he owns The QB position with the team.

Regarding McPherson, I do hope he finally does get some playing time this year. However, this is something that most of us have wanted in the past 2-3 seasons and, outside of third down rushing and, other minimal activity, Trestman has not done this. He wants the best QB on the field- Calvillo who, with good health, will pass both Ron Lancaster and Damen Allen in terms of being the longest playing QB in the CFL. I was quite amazed that McPherson signed his last contract for a two year deal. As D+P has noted there has been a decline in the play of most of the CFL's veteran QBs. Without that two year deal, McPherson would have been QB perhaps with Winnipeg, Toronto or Hamilton this year. I like McPherson and believe he is a most talented QB but, unless Trestman has a change in heart, McPherson will take free agency at the end of this season. He has not had opportunity to develop his good skills- sitting on the bench has denied him such.

Just two comments here. AC is THE BEST pure passer of all time - north or south of the border - point final! Will he be up to his usual standards? Most likely, assuming he remains healthy. And, as any coach would do, you need to have your best players on the field and they have to play up to their potential to win!

The other comment regards AD. He is no longer a promising young QB. He is nearing 30 himself and if he doesn't get some meaningful playing time with the Als, he will likely be seeking greener pastures. Now, there are two ways the Als can look at this:

  1. Ride your winning horse until he burns out, and go looking for a substitute when and where; or
  2. Insert you number 2 for meaningful reps now to get invaluable game experience and thereby prepare for the future.

Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks, of course. For my two cents' worth, AC has already racked up impressive stats which will inevitably enshrine him in the pantheon of the all-time great QBs. In this, he has nothing further to prove except winning a 4th GC. This would be, IMO, an ideal time to insert AD. And in this, I am thinking of both the team and the individual. Otherwise, when AC does finally hang 'em up we will have to go with AD or someone else and can expect all the usual growing pains - and losses that come with it! In this scenario, the question for me is: will the fans-who-support-only-winning-teams-outside-of-hockey stay with the team?

Well, speaking only for this fan, I'll sure stay with the team, regardless.

If I could survive the years of Sandy Stephens, George Bork, Vernon Cole, Ed Rutkowski, Bubba Marriott, Brian Ransom, Will Lewis, Carroll Williams et al, I can survive almost anything.

Ugh! Thanks for that, MJ! Now I have to take some Gravol to get over the nausea! Ha! ha!

That's spot on. We will have to let the season or at least part of it play out. We can't expect Adrian to wait forever and he's playing the last year of his deal. So this could resolve itself anytime from now to next winter. It is one of those situations where the organization can't really do much but let things play themselves out.