Als QB situation

For quite some time now, Popp has accomplished little in locating a QB to develop eventually taking over from Calvillo who has been having a repectable season. Banks and Bradey could not reach first string status with two teams and one has to doubt that they are future first string QB's. Last year Popp signed Jesse Palmer to a contract but Jesse languished on the bench and had no playing time. I wonder that if Popp had given Jesse some interest, respect and some playing time Jesse might be with the club now. I believe signing Mass was a good move. Looking at Mass's last game he showed that he can run with the ball and still can throw the long ball. Mass will certainly be playing with a better team now, although one has to wonder about the offensive line. But even here, Mass can run with the ball and is much more mobile than Calvillo. I hope AC is quick to recover playing time but, it will be interesting to see how the other QB's, including, Mass will make out.

I think Mass will make it interesting. There is a reason Mass did well in Edmonton and lousey in Ham and the teams were a big part of it.

That being said, Neither EDM or HAM had Bellefeuille

As a Hamilton fan, I am sad to see Maas go. It is a real competitor, and will never not play hard. He didn't stink out this joint, the play calling grounded him. I am happy he gets to move on to a winning team!

As far as Bellefeuille goes, I wish he was our HC right now.

hassall, ro, please, his name is MAAS, not Mass.

And David? If you want Bellefeuille, I’ll sure talk trade with you!!!

We will give it to you for free! please! take him! :twisted: