Als QB Freeman Retires

So Kavis Reed's big off-season signing is gone ! Let the rumours of possible trades begin .

I wonder if he will give back his signing bonus?? :wink:

The CFL is a tough game to learn for QBs, even guys with NFL experience. Not all of them are cut out for the increased complexity and pace.

Als didn’t even mention him as a starting possibility when their coach was interviewed. He was 3rd string.

How do you drum up excitement and optimism in a fickle market when your starting QB is Drew Willey.. a QB that would have a tough time making third string for every other team in the league.

Why would he call it a career??

At some point Montreal will have to show patience with their Quarterbacks. Let's hope they find one before the fans walk away.

It has been announced that the Als cut him before he retired.
Class move making that public Montreal...not.

The realization finally set in after being cut from the worst tire-fire team in the CFL. Unless he tries for Arena ball, the XFL, or whatever spring league that may pop up, he now knows that his professional football days are over.

If the Als are going with Willy as their starter, it might make their fans look fondly back on their record for 2017.

Our infamous 1-17 record of 2003 could be in jeopardy this season . 8)