Als QB Cato tries out for NFL team

not sure I understand Cato not still under contract for another season with the Als?
Did Popp grant permission to Cato even though he is a blue chip prospect for the Als and they have invested much time/resources to develop him as their potential future QB?

doesn't make a lick of sense.

Hate this and don't get why Popp is turning the team into a free-for-all where players can go to and from the NFL at pretty much any time.

...Looking like a free-for-all farm team for sure discipline...Players get a sniff of the big-show down south and it's adios...Certainly doesn't do anything for continuity in this league and makes the CFL look very weak...The nfl doesn't give a crap about our league and will continue to exploit it every time they get a chance :thdn:

Yep. I'm all for letting players pursue their NFL dreams, but there has to be a cutoff point each year for that, just as there should be a "drop-dead date" for coaches to jump ship / out of their contracts. We're in effing April, for God's sake. The playbook is already complete and camp is next month and we're letting Cato work out for another club and possibly expose himself to injury because ... why? This is NOT a charity operation. :x

I can't say I agree with this. It think Rod Black and TSN have done a great job of 'talking Cato up'. If you look at his game film he's wildly inaccurate. He only looks good because of the cast of seasoned all-star receivers that have a huge catch radius.

Yeah, the guy is an athlete - but the amount of time he spends running around tells me he's not making his reads, and "rolling out" is more of an excuse to cut the field in half for the QB.

the Als and have invested much time/resources to develop him as their potential future QB?
Again, he went from 4th string practice roster guy to a starting roll after crompton and lefevour were injured and American coach tom higgins decided to bypass the Canadian kid - who if you ask me has better fundamentals than Cato.

Cato is unpredictable. He can't see the field so the play breaks down, and he scrambles. His receivers make him look good by stretching out to catch errant throws.

The conundrum, is that wild, unpredictable, improvised plays can be exciting because you don't know what will happen. That excitement is then translated into "this player is really good, because I feel excited when he plays" both by fans and the media.

It's a false positive.

Cato had 1 good game. He won't be around after this season.

Rick Moffat
@CliffyD @CFL_News Confirmation this was re: Cato's workout with #NFL's #Browns...1 year ago.

You thrust a young rookie who wasn't yet ready to start into the starters role and he's never played a down of CFL football, it's unfair to the player. But he did a pretty good job in there.
As for bypassing the Canadian kid who you think has "better fundamentals" how would you know???
The coaches, (QB coach, O coach, head coach) see these two QBs in practice every day, you only saw the other guy a few minutes in a game. The QB coach and the Offense coach would have recommended to the head coach who should start. The fact that the head coach is an American is irrelevant, it's who the coaches believe should lead the time.
As for the last part of your rant about "The conundrum.............................WTF are you talking about................ :?

I think given the circumstances he did a great job. He really should not have seen the field last year.

I doubt an NFL team would have let him hit the field unless the Als had given their consent.

Sounds like tebow.

Thanks for the update! Phew. I was about to go ballistic on Popp for this.

Personally I think the CFL should be very accommodating with players as this will translate into more excellent players coming here from the US given the rules for non-internationals are the way they are and it also translates into more positive communication players have about the CFL being flexible.

Like it or not, the CFL already is a farm system for the NFL for those who do have a legitimate shot at the NFL, just need playing time in real games to show their stuff. It's not a bad thing really for the CFL to accommodate as much as possible and have very flexible contracts IMHO although I know most will disagree with me on this.

The days of the CFL being totally separate from the NFL are over or should be IMHO, there should be more "free trade" in how the two leagues operate. It might be different if the CFL were to match NFL contracts or come close but that is not the case in most cases.

NFL trying out/signing CFL signed players/prospects and CFL signing NFL castoffs isn't exactly "free trade"

....The date certainly makes a dif. BUT the fact it happened while under a CFL contract still matters....especially where possible injury is concerned..Not a recent story so no worry this year but it doesn't take away from the fact players seem to be able to entertain leaving on a whim if they so desire. :roll:

Voyons ça de plus près : Green, Giguère, Stamps, Lewis, Charrette. Effectivement, ses cibles avaient les bras très longs...

A few questions about this:
So if this workout was from a year ago then why are we just hearing about it now ? and why would it be showing up on Cato's account as if it just happened recently ?

Because it wasn't a year ago and it was not with the Borwns it was with Denver.

Cato's a pretty small player especially where opposing defenses age bigger and faster. I see just a few NFL games now and then but know enough to doubt his physical ability to play in the NFL. Also I have doubts about Cato's attitudes and his commitment to play in Montreal. He vanishes for three weeks last season and now he's looking to the NFL. If Cato ever does get an NFL opportunity,he should first establish himself as a candidate with Montreal and do some growing up- that is use the CFL as a stepping stone. I believe the coaches can devise a system whereby he would get the most from his blockers and, leave the running game to our god backs. I have my doubts about this players attitude and his commitment to the team.
I do not know of the legality of such players who decide to switch leagues after one season. Are players free to move after on e season?

J’ai consulté des journaux de Denver et aucun de ceux-là n’ont rapporté que Cato avait eu un essai avec eux. Ils ont rapporté des évaluations de certains joueurs qui pourraient être repêchés, mais pas une ligne au sujet de Cato. Alors quelle est la confirmation que Cato a bel et bien eu un essai avec les Broncos récemment?