Al's Protest

First this thread is not for folks that want to complain that this should not be an issue. This thread is strictly to follow the Al's protest and what the CFL does. If you feel the need to critizise - feel free to not read or post in this thread. Some folks just can't get past the fact that the Al's did file a protest and that this is a very unique situation in the CFL. As such it is or should be of interest to all CFL fans.

A ctv story

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It has a new and unique suggestion - to null the game and award a point to each team. That's a new one I hadn't thought about. Not sure I would support that choice lol.

Anyhow thoughts on what the CFL is going to do, or should do?

...the league should, politely, tell Popp to STFU and to not let the screen door whack him on the butt on the way out...

...every one of our teams have been robbed of a victory at one point or another...file a protest, get an apology, move on, just like every other time this has happened in the past...

....'play the last minute over again', pfft, what absolute twaddle ....

Geez Red, thats a pretty sensible post, (Pretty accurate too!)

I agree with RedandWhite. Also Popp shouldn't assume that if the TD had stood the convert would have been good. Just ask the Riders whether it's automatic when Barron Miles is on field.

I agre but If Bob Wettehaul wants to write a 5k cheque to the league to tell them what he thinks of their officiating. I think that is fair. His team, his money,his staff. Not the Als or the Lions that skrewed up.

I have to agree with RedandWhite, get over it. It’s done, move on. I just don’t see the rightness in nullifying the outcome of a game, and does it really matter if it was the on-field officials that screwed up, or off-field officials? How many games have been won or lost because of an on-field screw up, there’s never any complaining about that, yet because off-field officials (supposedly) screwed up, it’s suddenly a big deal?

Maybe all losing teams should protest every week and everyone gets awarded a point. That way we can have an 8 way tie for first in the CFL with 18 ties. Start it next season. Would be fun to see what plays in each game get the nod as the officials' screw up.

...and because the game was played days ago this opens the whole 'retroactive' debate, which leads me to protest the game Calgary played in BC on October 22, 2004 wherein on the last play of the game, Calgary completed a 20 yard pass, then the receiver punted the ball forward, an on-side Stampeder recovered it and ran into the end zone for the winning score...the refs called the kick 'offside', so the game ended and BC won....we need to replay this last play first on October 31st when Calgary is in BC...this will be very easy to do according to Popp...

...the fact it doesn't change the standings whatsoever for 2004 shouldn't be an issue, it's simply a matter of principle...

Come on, red... That game happened five years ago. If you wanted to file a protest, you should've done it then. :lol:

File a protest and maybe next game the Stamps play the Lions, the Stamps can be spotted a TD will go down in history as the only time a CFL team won two games on one night...

The main thing the Als are trying to accomplish here is some extra reffing favoritism for the next game .

I want that TD that BC was robbed of a couple of seasons ago in Winnipeg reinstated too . Ya the one where a Bomber fan blew a whistle as the reciever was running into the endzone so the play was called dead . This is just as a matter of principal too , of course . And I think the final minute of the West Final of '05 should be replayed too , as BC got robbed there also .

The CFL head office is not supposed to have any direct impact on the game. The call to the officials shouldve never been made. Every one of the examples that are being brought up are examples of the on field referees making a mistake. If anyone can find another example of the CFL head office directly costing a team a touchdown that the CFL conceded was a mistake but agreed to do nothing about it I would agree that hte als are crying over spilled milk but as of right now there is no past precedent that would say they did not deserve that touchdown. The reason it is a big deal if the cfl command center interferes in a game it can be argued that the league is rigging games in favor of certain teams (not saying thats what happened here but it is something that can absolutely come up) and better not to set a precedent of looking to be too in control of the games than to just dismiss it as bad officiating that is a part of human error

The als consulted with everyone on their staff that was at the game to find out what exactly happened and if in fact they do have a case and the fact that they made this protest should indicate that there is more to this than just bad officiating (seeing as the on field officials were in no way responsible for what happened)

It's a moot point since the league isn't going to do anything about it. You set an ugly precedent if you award points after the fact. I don't like the call they made, but they made the call they did and over turning it now would be silly.

I think a few posters here have to remember this thread is about WHAT IS THE LEAGUE’S RESPONSE GOING TO BE … what I think doesn’t matter one bit lol.

These protests never work. July 18, 1986. Hamilton 21, Calgary 23. Seconds remain on the clock. Ticats complete a pass to Steve Stapler, in field goal range, who steps out of bounds with two seconds Game over. The officials run off the field like a bunch of purse snatchers, but are chased by Al Bruno, who catches up to them in the tunnel and insists that the time be put back on the clock for a field goal attempt. No way. Ticats launch a protest, which I believe cost $1500 at the time. Denied. The league's reasoning, as I recall, was that they couldn't take a win away from a team after the game had been declared over. And Bruno certainly didn't make any friends among the CFL officials, so the whole protest idea, if anything, backfired on the Tiger-cats.

In the Montreal/BC game, who knows what would have happened in the final minute, or in overtime? Either team could have scored the winning points, including the Lions. Taking away their win because an official screwed up is just as unfair as giving them a win by a screwup. And replaying the final minute is not possible, because all the conditions would have to be identical.

And RedandWhite, that situation that you mentioned, as bad as it was, resulted in the CFL bringing in video review. So though it cost the Stamps a game, it helped improve the league. Likewise, in the Montreal/BC game, while they can't change the score, or the standings, they must figure out what caused it to happen, and ensure that it never happens again. If they can do that, the Als' loss, like that of the Stamps five years ago, will not have been in vain.

Excellent post BD. I feel that if the league is just going to do nothing about this protest ( as they always do) then why even allow any team to go forward with the protest in the first place? I think this year the officiating is some of the worst I have ever seen. And as i stated in another thread. The officials jobs are NOT to influence the final outcome of a game in any way shape or form and that is exactly what happened. Whether the officials are on-field or off, they are actually starting to dictate the outcome of games with their horrible officiating. And...i do believe they are getting worse each week!

The protest is to protect teams from "criminal" manipulation. Sort of a last resort in the event that someone threw a game or some type of "fixing" went on. The 5k is probably legal fees for lawyers to open a proper case. I don't think it helps in the case of incompetence.

I agree with Big Dave ... a serious flaw has been exposed. A simply appology won't and can't fix it. But and that's a huge BUT .. if they change and clarify the rules so this situation never occurs again - then at least something good can come out of it. They can never really fix things like missed holding or judgment calls, however this would be easy to fix. I would suggest that one of the linemen remains standing over the ball until the play gets blown in. Once the play starts no play should be halted other then serious injury. All issues can be be addressed after the play with the use of replay.

In a sense the rules already provide for that and the big snafu was reviewing a non reviewable play ( they can't stop the play for the time clock once play starts ). It may be that the rules simply need better clarification for the League Officials and that someone simply screwed up big time.