Als protest loss to Lions (

"SURREY, B.C. -- The Canadian Football League is investigating the Montreal Alouettes' protest over their 19-12 weekend loss to the B.C. Lions, the league said Tuesday.

"We are reviewing the events cited by the Alouettes very carefully, speaking with all of the officials involved, including the on-field crew, the supervisor and the replay official," Michael Copeland, the CFL's chief operating officer, said in a statement.

The Alouettes were angry that a touchdown scored by Montreal running back Avon Cobourne late in the fourth quarter was negated. The touchdown would have cut B.C.'s lead to one point with the convert still to come.

It was a confusing end to a close game Friday night..."

Bizarre way to finish a game. The officiating crew bumbled and stumbled the ending of it, so even if no technical breach of the rules can be determined, it just looks BAD.

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8) The CFL has announced that the final score will stand, despite the protest by Montreal !!
 The CFL acknowledged their was a lot of confusion with the officiating at that point in
  the game  !!!!

   In other words, the CFL takes the easy way out  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

   There possible could be fines, or suspensions handed out to that officiating crew, but we 
    will never be told about it.....Officially that is  !!!! <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

That was the biggest blunder ive ever seen from a ref anywhere in any sport any age. has the "explanation" of the CFL at . Hopefully a head will roll behind the curtain!


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Why? The crew didn't do anything wrong. The command centre screwed up by paging them too close to the start of the play, with a correction to the clock that they were wrong about anyway (and the on-field officials were right about).

On the play in question Montreal would have been called for holding. Are the Als actually saying they would have rather had 3rd and 11 over 3rd and 1?

Even worse than Jay Cutlers incomplete pass/fumble last year? :lol:

8) Read the entire tsn link, supplied above by Oski Wee Wee.
 Commissioner Cohen does put some blame on the officiating crew, for this screw up  !!!!

For the love of God, stop repeating misinformation. On the play in question, B.C. was going to be called for off-side. It has been officially confirmed by Higgins and the link has been posted by ro1313 about 100 times.

Watched the replay again, didnt notice the first time that the flag was well thrown before any holding took place.

Good call, my bad.

In the future i'll refrain from spreading misinformation.

(You didnt have to be so rude about it though).

Fortunate for the Als that all this has taken the attention away from the fact they got completely run over by Mallet and got rung up for almost 400 yards by an average offense and the fact they havnt won in BC for almost a decade.

I hadn't read that. Although I still would blame the off-field officials more than the on-field ones.