Als Pretty Confident - Calvillo only plays 8 minutes

Either Anthony doesn't need a warm-up to the season or he's getting old and he tires easily. :smiley:

I'm betting on the first, by the way.

Eight minutes was all he needed. :wink:

An Argo-Cat fan

Or it could be that they wanted to make it so a Calvillo injury would be less likely to happen. Because I'm sure they'd rather not have to rely on McPherson and Leak.

On the other side, the QB situation continues to not look very good. Lemon did not play very well, and while Bell had quite a few passing yards, as it says in the article Mark posted a link to, he played against more back-ups and threw two interceptions. He also fumbled twice, according to this:

Brannagan did not play at all, and it appears Dorsey has been cut. I don't see him on their roster here:

Could there soon be "Start Brannagan" posts on the blew team's forums? :slight_smile:

Calvillo barely played in preseason last year. At this stage in his career, he doesn't need a full game, just a quarter or so to shake off the summer rust and get in rhythm with the starters. No point in him playing with the scrubs when said scrubs are likely not going to be playing with him when the season starts.