Als potential free agents

I am listing the players whom I think are/will be potential free agents as of february 15,2013. I=Import.N=Non-import.Age as of february 15,2013.

Dwight Anderson DB/CB I 31 Will return if accepts less $$$.
Bo Bowling SB/KR I 25 Could return.
Jerald Brown DB I Could return; much less $$$.
Dahrran Diedrick FB N 34 Won't return.
Chima Ihekwoaba DE N 24 Question mark. Major disappointment.
Adrian McPherson QB I 29 Will test free agency; will return if AC retires,which I doubt;I even say he won't retire.
Kristian Matte G N 27 Will return. Could sign before end of 2012.
Josh Neiswander QB I 26 Will return. Could sign before end of 2012.
Jamel Richardson SB I 31 Will return if accepts less $$$.
Brandon Whitaker RB I 27 Will return. Not sure he is a potential free agent.
Andrew Woodruff G N 27. Top priority. Not sure he is a potential free agent. No matter if he is or not,he will be signed before end of 2012.


It's been reported by several sources on Twitter that the Als have 12 FAs


Few interesting quotes (from Jim Pop and Marc Trestman press conference)

Popp on Whitaker: We definitely want Brandon back. #Alouettes

"Even if Anthony returns, I wouldn't be surprised to see McPherson back too."-Jim Popp #Alouettes

#Alouettes Jim Popp ne se prononce pas sur Ventrel Jenkins. Attend les résultats de l'enquête
(No words on Jenkins, we'll wait for the results of the investigation)

#Alouettes : "Je m'attends à revoir Scott Flory l'an prochain." - Jim Popp.
( I expect to see Flory back with the Als next year)

Of that list, here's who I think will be back:

D. Anderson
Hopkins (if healthy)
Whitaker (if healthy)

I expect the following players to be back in 2013:

Dwight Anderson
Anthony Calvillo- I expect that he will confirm his return before 4th week of December 2012.
Kristian Matte
Jeff Perrett-Priority- Should sign before end of 2012.
Seth Williams
Brandon Whitaker-Priority,if healthy.
Andrew Woodruff-Priority- If free agent on february 16,2013, BC will do the outmost to sign him. should sign before end of 2012.

I thought that Jamel Richardson was a potential free agent; he may have signed an extension. Could be confirmed before end of 2012.


Jim usually signs the most important players fairly quickly. Im confident he knows who he wants back and who wants to come back.

I'm surprised by how small our UFA list is.

The QB position is the only question mark. Aside from that, I don't expect many roster moves

WR : Keep Richardson, Green, London and Devine
RB : Keep Whitaker and Jennings (Hopefully the Als will use both every games next season)
Keep the O-Line
Keep Lavoie

Cut Deslauriers and sign/draft a NI WR
Cut Bratton (Devine makes him expendable)

Guy, V.Anderson and Bowling are clearly not the solution at KR. Not sure what happens with them. We could keep Bowling as a reserve WR. Guy and V.Anderson are probably released, if we find a good KR.

I don't think our defense will change much. I would keep pretty much everyone except S.Williams and Osaisai (if he isn't gone already). Not sure what happens to Davis, Bekasiak and Mullinder due to their age and/or their health.

I'd like to see the Als go get a better kicker. Maybe it's time to give McKnight a chance!

Didn`t realize both Perrett and Woodruff would be free agents. Will be difficult to resign both, other teams will go after them hard.

Richardsons case is strange in that Popp didnt mention him as potential free agent, but Richardson telling press he is.

Edmonton, Sask., and Winnipeg also seem to have quite a few free agents. It`s still early in the process, but am I imagining that this is more than in previous years ?


McKnight is in Edmonton. I would have liked to see him get a chance in Mtl too…

Naturally those who chose to ignore/abuse/reject Adrian Mcpherson
For the last few years
Expect him to be back for more
Abusers always do.

McPherson will not be back
If Calvillo announces his insatiable selfishness before end of 2012
Expect McPherson to be signed with another squad
As soon as humanly possible.

While Edmonton and Winnipeg (ugh)
Would seem to be the natural choices
Don't be surprised if Corey Chamblin and the Riders
Nab McPherson before anyone else

Durant's star is waning
And Chamblin's basketball metaphors
Would seem to fit AD like a glove.
Adrian's 5 times the quarterback Durant is

Prediction #1:
Give it a couple years...
People will be accosting Popp in the parking lots
Super markets and water slides
Demanding to know how he managed to let
Another MOP slip through his fingers.
(assuming the Alouettes are still around by then)

Prediction #2:
If you want an image for the Alouettes future...
Put AC's head on Slim Pickens body
At the end of Dr. Strangelove
Riding the Alouettes all the way down to Ground Zero

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Unfortunately the Lions will probably go hard after Perrett and B.C. native Woodruff.

Know any non-import offensive linemen? With Jon Hameister-Ries, Dean Valli and Jesse Newman down early, the Lions probably got as far as they deserved to go this season. Newman has a knee problem. Hameister-Ries has been hurt his entire career. Throw in the what the Lions might want to do with Angus Reid and whether Jovan Olafioye leaves for the NFL and you have a huge potential issue.

Read more: … z2ClK6jWWn

With the exceptions of Perrett and Woodruff,there are no Als potential free agents that should expect a salary increase; to sign,some may have to accept less $$$.

As I said before, Perrett and Woodruff are priorities and the Als have the advantage that they could sign them before the end of 2012. Release of Aaron Hunt,early in the 2012 regular season, the fact that players on 1 game injury list were definitely less than budgeted/much less than previous years and the fact that players on 9 game injury list don’t count against the cap-I do know that they are replaced,but the replacements did cost much less- all these factors allowed the Als no less than $126,000 and as much as $156,000 on their budget/cap.

Keeping in mind these savings/marge de manoeuvre,here what I expect could happen.

Jamel Richardson SB I .I expect that he has already signed; may have accepted a signing bonus and a similar reduction on his 2013 base salary.

Anthony Calvillo QB I. Will return. As in previous years, I am positive that he gets/will receive a signing bonus before the end of each season; was/could be as high as $50,000 but which has an impact on his base salary. While he roughly makes $350,000 a season, his base salary is probably closer to $300,000.

Jeff Perrett and Andrew Woodruff T and G N. I expect these two players to receive a signing bonus that could be as high as $25,000 each, if they sign before end of 2012. 3 year agreement. Base salary not as hign in 2013 as in 2014 and 2015,due to 2012 signing bonus. If not signed before end of 2012-could be signed but official announcement only in 2013- or before february 15,2013, I will not be optimistic that we could keep them. Could they try the NFL? Maybe. Could be tempted,particularly Woodruff.

An interesting and active off-season.


Heard/read a couple of different things on Richardsons status. This from todays Le Journal:

Encore un an

En 2013, Richardson portera l’uniforme des Alouettes pour une sixième saison. Il écoulera son année d’option avec l’équipe.

« Je serai avec ma famille, les Alouettes, la saison prochaine. Je peux vous le garantir à 100%. »

So it looks like next season is his option year, not this year.

Jamel signed a 4 year agreement-3 years + option- on January 7,2009. As I wrote, I am positive that he signed a 1 year extension recently. Given his year-not his best- I am sure that both parties agreed to extend only for 1 more year.