Als Popp Showing Strain

Marcel Desjardind's mentor Montreal GM/coach
Jim Popp has made numerous mistakes this season.



Monday, October 22, 2007

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Wow. What an egomaniac. He's done a hell of a job?? Pullleeeze. He's got the players to win and he's managed to lose. Excuse me while I find some Kleenex to wipe away the teams that I'm crying for the poor guy. $400,000 a year?? Clearly money well spent. :roll:

If the Als don't have championship teams each year fan displeasure will grow and the als are already losing big bucks. I think judging from the past they are in much bigger trouble than we are, and their fans wont back them like ours will. Go Cats.

As the article says, he is under contract as G.M through to 2010

If they fire him as coach, who in their right mind
would sign up to coach there with a fuming mad,
disposed of, coach still making player decisions?

I take it Herb Z doesn't like Mr Popp. Actually Mr Popp wouldn't be my 1st choice for a coach either, but then again I liked Marshall. :?

What really ticks me off though, is some writer being able to put an article together based on so few facts. As fans are we really that much more interested in rumors and dirt throwing then some real football news. To me this article is like an afternoon soap.

"One comment. One simple comment stated with such utter disdain and abrasion. One comment that spoke volumes about what and who Jim Popp is and has become"

Thanks for your opinion Herbie

"I've done a hell of a job. That's my self-evaluation,"

Who did he say it too? Was he being sarcastic perhaps?

"Popp has made numerous mistakes and broken every doctrine that goes with coaching"

Coaching Doctrine? Have to ask for that at the libary. Sounds good though.

Ofcourse he's made numerous mistakes. Who hasn't. How many good things has he done? GOOD minus BAD = how he's done

"Even the normally-reserved Anthony Calvillo, a player who displays little emotion, had to contain himself"

If he contained himself, how do you know what he was thinking Herbie? Maybe he was thinking of throwing all the reporters out of the locker room and agreeing with the Coach?

"He's paranoid and has been overcome by the pressure. And now, he's beginning to crack."

Ahh, now we have Dr Herb

Oh well, it's probably easier to write a bunch of opinions than to actually find facts and make it interesting..

Anyway, there's my rant for the month. I wish there was more "football" analysis on here and much less bashing. :frowning:

I'd also take issue with the following excerpt from the article:

Popp, our CFL spies tell us, could have had receivers Elijah Thurmon and Jeremaine Copeland from Calgary this season for Dahrran Diedrick, a special-teams player. But he didn't want to trade a Canadian for two Americans. Montreal could have receiver D.J. Flick from Saskatchewan at minimal cost. But Popp quashed that deal as well.
I'd say Popp made the right decision in not trading a player to Calgary for Elijah Thurman. Especially because Thurman is already an Allouette.

Maybe the reporter should find better sources.

If Popp really thinks he has done a great job he's a bigger idiot than I thought he was

As a Montrealer and Gazette reader I can tell with with great certainity......
Herb doesn’t know what he is talking about.
I don’t say this to back up Popp mind you but Herb is the type of writer where if something he says turns out to be true he constantly reminds you of it. If its not, you never hear about it again.

Bring him to Hamilton!