Als Please Change that Awful Short Yardage Play

Every time I see that I cringe, something that is too obvious. You have the offensive line lining up straight across, then the QB comes over center. Then the backs line up even with the QB and everyone plows forward. All for one yard at the very maximum or even a loss.

The main problem with this play is when the backs line up even with the QB he has no chance of sliding left or right because he is being blocked by his own players.

I find it is very easy for the defense to read, as they see the backs coming forward, and such an awful designed play could result in turn over on downs or lost scoring attempt.

don’t all the teams do this?

This is THE play to run on 3rd and 1 (or less). With the defence lining up a yard away from the ball in the CFL, this play is usually good enough to get that one yard.

I don’t remember them once failing to get the yardage, so I say use what works.

The quarterback sneak, known to some people as “that Awful Short Yardage Play”
has a higher success rate than almost any other play. Teams in fact ought to use it
far more often than they do, according to some commentators. Joe Kapp would agree.

I agree, but you should not do it with your starting quarterback.

Tom Brady has become the poster boy for the quarterback sneak these days.

Nothing wrong with the play per se but I’d be using the backup QB to run it, not Adams. Remember Adrian McPherson? He was a beast at short-yardage conversion. Sometimes he’d pick up 5-6 yards on a supposed “sneak.”