Als players released

The Als have released 14 players and added 9 to the practice roster. Amongst the players released the more notable are:

Delbert Alvarado K/P
Scooter Berry DT
Tyron Carrier WR/KR
Ed Gainey DB

Amongst the 9 players on the practice roster,he most notable is:

Winston Venable.

Most other are rookies, including: Nick Boyd,K/P,Brandon Rutley RB and Jake Piotrowski OL

So far, the only Int. OL on the roster is Mike Golic.

There are definitely a few players on 1 game injured list; if Venable has been released and added to practice roster, Kyries Hebert should be OK for next saturday; by the way, at this time next week the Als will either be 0-1 or 1-0.


00 Delbert AlvaradoKicker/Punter International
66 Daniel BaldridgeTackle International
99 Scooter BerryDefensive tackle International
35 Tyron CarrierReceiver International
68 Ryan Cave Offensive lineman International
45 Preston CleckleyReceiverInternational
41 Brandon DriverCornerbackInternational
38 Dominique Ellis Defensive back International
29 Ed Gainey Defensive back International
25 Robert Godhigh Running back International
87 Brandan Green Receiver International
69 Elliott Mealer Offensive lineman International
84 MacKenzie Sarro Receiver National
53 Wayne Tribue Offensive lineman International

i am going to have start swaying to my opinion to that of many with Whyte looking to enter the season as the do it all kicker and Deslaures is still on the roster that Higgins will also not make it through the season. Unless they have plans on finding a better punter by week one and Deslarues somehow still gets released before game one.

I count 55 on the roster instead of 46.

I guess Popp and Higgins on top of their other faults don`t know arithmetic or there are 9 more players going on the injured lists.

Sutton and Mitchell White were supposed to be on the 6 game.

Gainey`s release a surprise, although beaten by Matt Carter on a long pass by failing to turn his head.

And Jamaan Webb making the team a surprise after a brain cramp downing of Whyte`s coffin corner kick NFL style costing 15 yards.

Une ou deux autres coupures devraient être annoncées d'ici ce soir à 22h. #Alouettes @LCFca

Surêment un receveur...Il y a en présentement 10 sur le roster...

Excluding RB Tyrell Sutton and DB Mitchell White, 2 players that were added to 6 week injured list, there are still 53 players, i.e. 27 Int. and 26 Nat.on the active roster,meaning that 7 more will have to go on injured lists or be released,before 22h today. We may not have the information before tomorrow. The 53 active roster consists of:

QB - 3 Int.

RB - 3, i.e. 1 Int. and 2 Nat.

WR/KR - 10,i.e. 7 Int. and 3 Nat.

OL - 7,i.e. 1 Int. and 6 Nat.

DL - 11,i.e. 7 Int. and 4 Nat.

LB - 7 ,i.e. 3 Int. and 4 Nat.

DB - 9 ,i.e. 5 Int. and 4 Nat.

LS - 2 Nat.

P/K - 1 Nat.

Aaron Lavarias is included with DL and Marc-Olivier Brouillette with LB. There are 13 players,amongst these 53, that were not with the Als at the end of the 2013 season; these players are:

Jean-Christophe Beaulieu RB Nat.
Diamond Ferri LB Int.
Jeffery Finley DL Nat.
Mike Golic OL Int.
Chad Johnson WR Int.
Gabriel Knapton DE Int.
Andrew Lue DB Nat.
Jermaine McElveen DT Int.
Chris Smith WR Nat.
Kenney Stafford WR Int.
Dave Stala WR Nat.
Larry Taylor WR/KR Int.
Chris Wilson DE Int.

While some teams have announced players releases, none of them is at the 46 max.allowed for active roster; so far, Montreal is the only team that has announced its practice player roster.

Based on the Als roster, Jamel Richardson is now on 6 weeks injured list.


Whyte manages to hang on... being a National surely had a hand in his fate.

If a WR is released, it would have to be INT. Kenney Stafford-Practice roster?- or Nat. Dave Stala.-Injured list?- There are definitely too many DL,LBs and DBs and 1 too many LS on 53 player roster.


One player that has apparently had a very good camp is OL Ryan White according to Popp. I even saw him at LT at the end of the game. It somewhat makes up for the loss of Baillargeon but they will probably still have to dress import Mike Golic.

Didier reporting Jamal Richardson has been released.

Tough to hear but probably relates to his fairly serious injury.

Jamal was probably too expensive to put on the IR for most of the season. We may see him again once he's healed.

Now that Delbert Alvarado has been released, it is almost 100% sure that Int. OL Mike Golic will dress.

A minimum of 2 Int. players and max. of 5 Nat. players have to be released/added to injured list. Possibilities are:

Int. LB Kyries Hebert and Int. DB Geof Tisdale could be added to 1 game injured list.

Nat. players Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard LB, Jeffrey Finley DL,Ameet Pall DE, Dave Stala WR and Jerod Zaleski LS could be added to 1 game injured list.


Unfortunate if Jamel has been released, but it may be the only solution,particularly if there is not way he will be 100% again.


Alvardo may not have done enough as an international K/P but I cant imagine they would not be on the search for another national who can punt better.

....Richardson has thanked everyone in Mont. for his time there and will move on according to tsn....Will someone else give him a looksee.??? A player of his calibre won't just walk away...Another team will most likely want to see if he has anything left...including the Bombers???He could be a maybe... :wink:

The Als have now released Diamond Ferri LB INt.,Mike Golic OL Int. and Jamel

Placed on 6 game injured list:

Jonathan Beaulieu-Richard LB Nat.
Jeffrey Finley DL Nat.
Tyrell Sutton RB INt.

Placed on 1 game injured list:

Kyle Graves WR Nat.

Ameet Pall DE Nat.

I still think that they are still 1 player over 46 at 47.


The actual active roster is now at 47 players,i.e. 25 Int. and 22 Nat. 1 over the limit of 46.


So sad to see Jamel go. What a spark of energy he always brought to the team. Thanks Jamel for some great years.

Jamel Richardson was really one of my favourite players to watch. I've only watched the CFL for about 6 years, so I know there's plenty of incredible talent I've never had the joy of experiencing, but Richardson was by far among the most exciting to watch. Here's hoping to a comeback, perhaps one of these days. :thup:

Sad news about Jamel. However, he and Whitaker suffered just about the worst kind of injury for any athlete, i.e. a torn ACL. It's the one injury that takes ages to recover from - if ever! And even when given a clean bill of health, the question always remains - can the athlete ever return to his former glory?

There are usually in-season moves as players are injured and replacements have to be found. Given the small rosters, low budgets... of the CFL, all teams have to scramble at some point to replace injured players. Will we ever see JRich in an Als' uni again? Hard to say at this point.

Some of the players on the IR are placed there to "hide" them in many cases. JRich's injury may be career-ending as ACL problems often are, or else there might be an "understanding" that if someone else is let go, he just may find his way back to Montreal.

Whatever the outcome, he gave Montreal fans in particular, and CFL fans in general, some great years and helped to us to many Ws. Hope to see you back here, Jamel, but if not best of luck in the future!