Als Played the Argos Last Night

on my Madden Game!
As a few you of know, I have made the complete CFL Rosster accuratly on Madden 05 using tons of stats and with the whole Ricky Williams thing, I thought I'd brush up my rosters for the season and decided to play the Als against to Argos with Ricky being played by the CPU. So here's the highlights of the fun I had last night :smiley:

Calvillo (me) gets sacked on the first play by Fletcher!
1st Argo play, Ricky stopped for a Loss by Taylor!
INT by Cruthcfeild for TD! 7-0
Long Allen pass to Bruce wide open Dropped!
Play action to Ricky passed to Bruce for a long 1st!
Motion Ricky to slotback, Allen pass INT by Karikari! Ball on the 20.
I throw a bad pass to Watkins, INT Eiben who is wide open and runs 80yds for a TD! The Crowd is BOOING in Montreal!!!! 7-7!
Landry (me) grab the kick off, going inside then I cut to the outside and Landry is GONE for a TD!!! 14-7!
Sweep Toss the Ricky, I mess up on D AGAIN! and Ricky goes 60yards for a TD! 14-14!
Argos Fake to Ricky pass to Baker for a long gain!
Sanchez (me) tries to knockdown the ball but I miss and Miles goes 65 yards for a TD! 21-14 Argos
On Offense, I'm having a hard time against a good pass rush from the Argos!
On Defense, All 3 Al LBS are keeping Ricky to short yardage and nice tackles but but Allen is moving the ball really well short to his receivers. But Cruthfeild and Proulx (in with nickel package) have a few knockdowns! FG Argos though. 24-14
Als cant seem to get the run going with Edwards. Finally the passing is starting to go better with some good catches by Cahoon and Watkins! Then the run starts picking up and Edwards goes to take a breather, Lapointe comes in with a Handoff and he's open for a TD! 24-21 Argos
Karikari and Sanchez Knockdowns!
Als run is picking up steam with Edwards, Lapointe, and even Vilmek on short yardage but I can't seem to pass, FG to tie 24-24.
I'm doing a good job on D stopping the Argos and Williams. Then Pillion gets an opening and Sacks Allen! I finally get something going by the passes to Cahoon Edwards and Watkins but time runs out it stays tied at halftime! 24-24
Karikari with the clutch tackle on a short Williams run to force a punt!
I'm getting better with the Offense then Long pass to Cahoon... INT Lewis at the goal line!
But the Argos keep passing short and now Ricky is starting to pound the ball for 7 yards a carry on me then I mess up in coverage and it's Miles for a TD! 31-24
Doing good running the ball then a long pass to Cahoon... INT Ivory runs it back for 70yards! 38-24
I have to start passing cause time is running out... can't seem to get open receivers and I punt. I figure the Argos will run out the clock with Ricky so I Blitz, Allen fakes the handoff to Ricky goes deep to Baker for an 80yrd TD! I guess the games over! I get the ball abck and throw a few deep passes, INT Donaldson! A few short runs by Ricky and it's done.

Ricky Williams 100yds on 18car
Als RBs 115yds on 25cat
Allen 350yrds 3TD 2INT
Calvillo 200yrds oTD 4INT!
Player of the game: Tony Miles with 5 catches 114yds and 2TDs

It guess it shows I haven't played in forever! At least I didn't get run over by Ricky! Thank god the CFL season is finally here!!!

Okay, I need to go to sleep now ;D!

You are crazy, man! Not for recreating the whole CFL, but for posting the highlights of the whole game.

Are the 8 teams at par with reality?

It was mostly for you :wink: I wanted to see if Taylor could cover Williams or if we needed a better MLB. We just have to watch the fakehandoffs :smiley: LOL!
Got me psyched for the season!

How did you like Crutchfield's TD?

Does that mean your game is inaccurate? :lol:

Nah, it just means the Als "should" be okay :smiley: Well, if it was a video game anyways :smiley:
Cruthfeild played pretty well with a few knockdowns too, so maybe we don't have to be so hard on him :smiley:!!

......a lot of the regulars are not making the trip to Wpg. for the pre-season opener....does that include Karikari?...i'm looking forward to his appearance ...i hope he's playing at better than 78%...if he makes the trip... :lol:

He's going to be there but will be a backup only... (real meaning, if the rookies suck bad, he'll try and stop the bleeding) :smiley:

who won the game?

38 to 24 Argos?

45-24 Argos :frowning:
I need to start playing again! Updated all my rosters and I'm all set for the year! I can't seem to get into playing as an NFL team.. but beating them with the Als... now that is SWEET :smiley:

Pretty cool, and I thought I was a fan. Holy crap.

that's too bad, but you will get better as time goes on, how do you count the points? does that include singles? and if you don't mind me asking, what would the Action Point scores be like (how many kick converts and 2 point converts were there?)? and any singles score from ball contact with the post?