Als played like pros

The Als are a pro football team with a good coaching staff and although the win was unlikley they deserve credit for preparing and coming to Play.
BC did score 3o some points but the Als defense much inproved from last year by coaching put the Lions in a lot of second and longs.
Special teams also. Much better coaching and the competition for the return man spot is back in Carriers hands again.
Offense a lot of things happened that the Als and there fans surely knew come with a little bit of luck.
Als fans hate me for saying this but this is the right forum to express my concern for a very thin receiving corp. With Richardson out for the season and not really playing well al season with the exception the game he got hurt,
A low score last week with only only on receiver Green a sure top receiver being the only weapon. Bruce good for him tonight also a pro but also an older receiver hopefully he can stay healthy for a full 18 game season. Brandon London Break out year last year also a prime starter in the CFL
I am sure that not even the most faithful of Als fans will think Deslaures can have an affect on any game. Moore and Carter great Prospects Moor e 3 starts no catches. Carter also looks like he has a great upside potential but will that be this year?
Carrier listed as a receiver but against BC we saw what he is at this point of his carreer and that is already a prime time returner.
Popp in an interview had said that some guys will be coming off the 9 game soon most likley Popp has made no moves to find a replacement for Richardson with expectations that Clowney will fit into that spot. Clowney was a NFL free agent who Popp grabbed during expanded PRs and is one of 5 returning receivers who have played pro football for several years now. With Deslaures still being that 5th guy.
They do start TE Lavoi and have brough back the other TE Zalewski who was released after camp