ALS play elements better then Riders

Perhaps Chamblin needs to play these guys out doors a lot more often. The ALS played the wind at Mosaic Stadium much better then the Riders.

THAN, not then.

What a frustrating game, where to begin?

  • Why did the Riders not use the running game more in 2nd quarter against the wind? The Als showed them how it's done.
  • Coaching? As the year goes on I wonder more and more about some of the coaching prep and planning. The Riders seemed very ill prepared coming into a game with playoff consequences. Horrible secondary coverage and breakdowns much of the game. Unable to defend against the run in key situations. In the 3rd quarter against the wind, unable to convert second and one or two yards, whereas the Als demolished Riders defence in similar situations.
    The Als were beatable today but the Riders handed them a gift. Right now I'm so disgusted I may not watch the Toronto game next week.

First of all…kudos to both teams…very entertaining game. These teams continually seem to provide very entertaining games.

  • The Als were sure chippy, especially in the first half. Uncharacteristic. Trestmen pulled them together late in the second and read them the riot act…seriously…a nut shot??? What will the consequences of that be!!!
  • The Rider D plated pretty well, with the exception that McKenzie proved he is not capable of covering a good WR. Richardson owned him ALLLLLL game!
  • Short passes…wow…DD was either missing dumps or they were getting stuffed at the line. This approach cost them the game IMO.
  • It was good to see DD finally run…he should have run earlier though. Late in the game he did an amazing job of avoiding a sack and had an easy 15-20 yards in front of him, but instead lobbed it over Sheet’s head…again!
  • Crazy amount of drops. The O strategy was pretty good overall, but 3+ drops by both Dressler and Sheets won’t get it done.
  • It is hard to tell at a game, we will see when I re-watch, but the officiating seemed bad. A) the punt in the 3rd from the ~15…how was that roughing or whatever? B) I noticed 2 uncalled clear time counts in the 1st half. C) Montreal was getting away with a lot of holding…now I know there is holding on every play, but it prevented a couple sacks and tackles. Calling seemed better in the second half. D) I have rather ideal seats for the 3rd down gamble the the Als got, which the Riders unsuccessfully challenged. Not perhaps an upclose replay will tell more, but he appeared down 3/4 of a yard short. E) The Riders were blessed by a few non calls on PI.
  • The onside punt was a bad call…sorry…Sheets was successful up the gut all game, barring slipping on the previous play…it was off RG he had bad runs. He should have had the ball.
  • Missed FG…like not even close…had he made that they could have kicked a FG for OT, and they had momentum on their side.

1 quarter does not win a game.

Depop, you're right, it was entertaining. At least the Riders are better in that respect most games this year.
You may be more positive about them than I am. They'll probably back into a play-off spot - the East looks pretty weak again with exception of Montreal - but I think the Riders are an average team at best. Young players and coaching staff learning on the job, still not consistent from week to week.
I agree about the officiating - it was pretty bad today. The PI call negating an interception near the goal line was pretty chintzy. There seem to be a lot of that variety this year, too bad, it cheapens the league.
It really hit me today how cool Calvillo is under pressure. Their first touchdown was a great example. Later in the game Durant under pressure did not spot a wide-open Carr; Calvillo would have made that one. Hopefully Durant will progress to that level, but he's not there yet.
Would love to see Riders and Als in the Cup again. Might be a barnburner.

Whyte kicked and punted into the wind WAAAYYY better than Sandro.

I am not one to normally complain about the refs, but that game was BRUTAL! There were 3 very big calls that were dead wrong that I believe cost us that game.

One the fake punt… he was CLEARLY a year short… like it wasn’t even close! How did they get that wrong???

Two, we had them stopped on second down and they called a PI, where our guy didn’t even touch him… Odell also got a roughing call, so they would have had the first down… but they wouldn’t have been in the redzone.

Three, the Scott McHenry catch was a catch… his hand was clearly under the ball.

Those were the big ones… there were many blown calls… On one of their touchdowns Hawkins was tackled from behind before he got to Cavillo, Allouttes didn’t get even one holding call that game and I saw many blatant holding our players… I don’t like to blame the refs but that game is as much on them as it is on us… they took away all our momentum when we stopped that fake punt.

How or why didnt the Riders game plan to stop Richardson as they did Cornish is baffling. Calvillo has only gone to one of the 4 starting receivers all season long and when one or two have been out he goes to the 3 or 4 that are in the game. Some double coverage on Richardson could have made a real difference.
Chamblain said it was not one of the very good O Lines performances. Just shows how important it is to have a good LT as Xavier Fulton have quietly anchoring that O line as all the headlines have gone to O Line man free agents Picard and Labatte along with rookie Heenan who all have played great. Pat Neufeld just took the stating RT spot job away from Import Chris Patrick. Fulton was acquired in a trade with Edmonton and has been the key to the play of the O Line. with the Riders clinching a playoff spot they will have time to rest Fulton and give his replacement Asiata a natural G some PT at LT. This is where you look to the future as Heenan gains more experience that he could be affective at OT but for now his play at G has been great and has met and went above all expectations but one step at a time.

I could not believe that after a 5 minute review, that they did not announce why the play stood on the fake punt. Everyone on TSN was saying it was a turn over. The longer it went the more you thought they were looking at something we missed. Yet they did not explain their reasons. That was an insult to the fans watching. I don't think they even know why they decided what they decided.

Other bone headed calls that should have been over turned yet were not. Not play does not lose a game. But three blown calls, all shifting momentum away from the riders and allowing numerous points for Montreal DO make a huge difference in who wins a game.

Higgins and his crews are brutual. To bad the best teams do not win games anymore.

Cette partie m'a laissé sur mon impression que les Roughriders manquent de constance cette saison, tant à la défensive qu'à l'attaque.

Certes, les Alouettes ont très bien bloqué la course, ce qui forçait les Roughriders à passer plus qu'ils ne l'auraient voulu. Mais il m'a semblé qu'à quelques occasions, Durant aurait dû sortir de la pochette pour faire le jeu. Durant est meilleur contre les Alouettes lorsqu'il met la défensive sur les talons en bougeant derrière la ligne de mêlée. C'est ce que Burris avait fait lorsque les Timinous ont massacré les Alouettes et les Roughriders auraient pu se servir de la mobilité de Durant.

Il demeure des améliorations à apporter à la ligne offensive et dans la poursuite du quart, même si Calvillo a été limité à moins de 300 verges de gains par la passe. Or, à ce stade-ci de la saison, on s'attendrait à ce que l'équipe ait rodé ses schémas, ce qui ne semblait pas être le cas dans cette partie.

Tant l'attaque que la défensive ont eu leurs bons moments, mais ces moments étaient entrecoupés de périodes de difficultés. L'équipe n'avait pas d'erre d'aller avant le tiers du 4ième quart.

Du côté de la défensive, j'ai trouvé que la couverture de la tertiaire était erratique par moments. Certes, les Roughriders ne pouvaient se permettre de donner trop de jeu à Bratton, qui peut être dévastateur également. Mais à partir du moment où il était clair que Calvillo visait Richardson, ce dernier aurait dû recevoir plus d'attention, ce qui ne me semble pas avoir été fait.

J'ai également eu l'impression que la défensive a pris un peu à la légère le jeu au sol des Alouettes. Celle-ci jouant avec un 2ième substitut, et avec souvent un joueur de ligne pour combler l'absence du centre-arrière Patrick Lavoie, peut-être la capacité des Alouettes de gruger le chronomètre par la course a été sous-estimée.

À mon sens, les Roughriders vont aller en séries contre Calgary. Mais si on se fie à cette saison où ils sont capables du meilleur comme du pire, je ne les vois pas être à ce point parfaits pour surclasser les Lions. Calgary sera déjà un bon défi.

Bonne chance aux Roughriders pour les éliminatoires qui vienent!