Als planning to trade QB McPherson

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Milanovich will obviously want to bring this kid to Toronto, but I think Obie should do whatever it takes to nix that potential deal and bring McPherson to Hamilton. I say he has more upside (youth and skill) than both Glenn and Porter.

I am a huge fan of both Thigpen and Chris Williams, but if Montreal wanted one of those two in a trade for McPherson (which they probably would), I would still do it.

Interesting. Thigpen maybe but not Williams.

While Thiggy is a potent talent, Williams has barely scratched the surface.

At the same time, there are other players we could use for trade bait.

Let him go to Toronto, and the get Jyles "on the cheap".

blue: I agree. I would hang on to Williams though.

I don't think Jyles has any more potential than he has already shown. I'd much rather have McPherson.

Not sure what the price would be in a trade, but I think we have more to offer to Montreal than Toronto has. I'd hate to lose either Thigpen or Williams, and tend to agree that of those two I'd be most reluctant to lose Williams. Whatever happens, I think it will be expensive to get McPherson.

We already had Jyles.
In 1995.
When his name was Steve Taylor.

I would take McPherson in a heartbeat. He looks VERY ready to be a #1. I find it heard to believe he would be let go by the Als- PERHAPS they are in a bind with AC coming back. The need to make a QB transition for the future and losing McPherson now puts them behind the 8 ball in 2013 (perhaps even in 2012 as AC looked ordinary many games this year).

I'd be willing to take my chances on McPherson over both Glenn and Porter. I know I have said that I didn't want to see them go, but that was because I didn't anticipate a chance at picking up a player with McPherson's talent. I would trade either one of them for him at this point.

As I wrote on Montreal forum: Adrian McPherson to Hamilton from Montreal for: Quinton Porter,Marcus Thigpen and the rights to Samuel Giguère. As an Als fan,I would like this trade. Mtl could add Desriveaux.


Did you see what the Argos gave up for Ray…
Id give up Porter all day but your not getting both Thiggy and Giguere.

I'd give Porter and Giguere any day. And add a draft pick and negotiation list player.

Would not give Thigpen or Williams at all.

The Als already have a kick returner. I think Porter and Giguere would do the trick.

I think our options now are Burris, McPherson or Glenn.

The Als are stupid not to hang onto this guy for 1 more year and then let him be the starter.

Yah, but he's not any good . . .

they obviously think he is as they kept maypray instaed of larry taylor

First, we are not talking about a proven starter, he is a second stringer that may be ready as a starter....the key word being "maybe".

Secondly, it is an 8 team league, who else is looking for a potential starter? No one, now that Toronto and Edmonton got them their men.

So at best, I would trade some picks (3rd and 4th rounders), and neg rights to one player. That is it and definitely NO starters!! Be smart Obie, do not bet the farm on potential; been there, done that. Let Montreal find a better deal, if there is one out there.

Totally agree with the last post. Some similar thought to my own in another thread.

I agree with the last two posters. No reason to panic. If the strategy is, "the Argos hired a coach/ made a trade so we have to hire a coach/ make a trade, any coach/trade, right now!" then that would be incompetent management. Fortunately, we don't have incompetent management.

Actually, from what I understand the article says that McPherson has requested a trade.

Jim Popp is saying otherwise:

[i]Alouettes general manager Jim Popp has had informal discussions with Tim Fleiszer, the agent for quarterback Adrian McPherson, about the potential of trading McPherson.

But, Popp stressed, McPherson has not demanded a trade. Nor does this mean the Als are about to part ways with McPherson, who has spent four seasons wth Montreal, backing up Anthony Calvillo.

“If they want to find a trade, and it’s worth our while, we’ll consider it,? Popp told Als Inside/Out on Monday. “Other than that, he’s our backup quarterback. I’ve not spoken to anybody. I’ve not made a call to anybody.[/i]

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