Als pick up Mike McMahon

According to RDS, the Als picked up Mcmahon:

I am somewhat surprised. RDS has been slow with all of the information around the Als this week (Printers/Maas). This time, they beat sportsnet and Herb Z!

Maybe there is hope for RDS.

I wonder what they see in McMahon though…

Something is going on. Popp's gone QB crazy. Either Calvillo's injury is very serious or Maas or someone will be moved shortly. You can't have six quarterbacks on your roster

I understand and agree 100% with Maas but McMahon? I don't get it. :?

Jim Popp, bounty hunter.

'So your QBs are injured?

I got these QBs see..and I am willing to deal.'

Brady acquitted himself very well today. NO mistakes of any consequence. Managed the game well.

What the heck do we need with that stiff McMahon??

I think Popp is desperate, I guess his strategy is to have as much QB depth possible, and if anybody struggles he'll jsut throw in the nexst guy to play, also competition brings out the best outta everybody, so the QB competition might push each guy to improve.

Umm...experience at the clipboard to backup Banks? :lol:

Popp is just trying to safeguard the team. This is a fine pickup. We get McMahon for a draft pick, so essentially we give up nothing. I think Popp wants to field stiff competition at QB in the event that Calvillo retires at season's end. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see Maas cut loose in the offseason. So McMahon makes sense. It's not like Toronto gave him a legit shot anyway.

They gave him 2 chances, and threw more interceptions than completions...He is not made for the CFL, IMO.

C'mon, they gave him one full game, and then one quarter, after which they yanked him. Marcus Brady has been in the league 6 years and is only just now starting to show what he can do. Ditto Michael Bishop, Kevin Glenn, and Kerry Joseph. I'm not a McMahon supporter or anything. I just feel that 1.25 games is not nearly enough game time to tell whether he can make it in the CFL or not.

I think Brady and Maas are pretty much safe. Maas made a descision to come here..I dont think there going to play around with him and send him somewhere else.

Unless Maas agreed to report with the promise that he will be dealt or release at season's end....


Popp figures he can sell McMahon's contract to an NFL team?

I've been an Als fan for 50 years, and McMahon's showing (for T.O.) brought back memories of the 10 year QB derby after Sam & Prince Hal were released.
The worst to dress was Nelson Yarborough, who couldn't hit open receivers, so all our yardage had to be gained on the ground! So, no Grey Cup appearances! It's one thing to collect QB'S because of fear of injury, but they have to be able to play the game!!Please give Brady every possible chance to be No. 1 (if AC can't come back). Montreal's O-Line doesn't need a pocket passer, unless they are both quick-release and accurate, like AC when he's on the top of his game.

I completely agree with the above post.

you cant sell contracts and transfer players, dude this aint soccer. Also if an nfl team wanted, he would have signed in the off-season, and the QB position in the nfl is weak right now, so that tells you a lot about the talent of mcmahon.

I disagree with you and here is what I'm basing my argument on.

I read he had offers and turned them down because Toronto told him he would be their starter by season's end...That was before Bishop came back...

I don't see him as a top CFL QB prospect but there are a lot of things about him that impress me.

Popp could release McMahon in exchange for dollars. NFL has paid CFL teams before to release a player. Edmonton was offered money this year to release Lefors.

Yeah, this hate-on for McMahon is really unwarranted. In my opinion, Toronto didn't treat him well. Yes, he tanked in 1.25 games, but is that really enough game evidence to conclude that he can't cut it in his league? Calvillo would never have made it if he'd been written off during those horrible seasons in Hamilton.

Excellent point discipline. I am sure that AC does not have very fond memories of Las Vegas or Hamilton. Still though, I wonder if Popp would have still pulled the trigger on the McMahon deal after seeing what Brady did on Sunday.

Ah yes, the wonderful years of Vernon Cole, George Bork, Bubba Marriott, Warren Raab, etc etc.....what memories that brings back. Heck some of the guys we tried in those dark years would throw the ball at the ground and miss.

mike mcmahon = "red light" raciot, this ugy is nothing more than cheap journeyman useless backup QB. nothing more- nothing less.