Als Personnel Moves

Arash Madani tweeting DEs Gavin Walls and Claude Harriott have been released. Makes you wonder why Harriott was signed in the first place.

Jim Popp also mentioned in the conference call that Banks, Fontaine, MacDonald, Morin-Soucy have retired. I`m assuming this is until they have recovered from injuries.

And as per the Radio Canada report on the conference, it seems Colt David will not be in camp. It appears they want a CDN -Whyte to do the job. Let`s hope he can do all 3 and finds a competent holder.

Ill let Richard tell us whos left!

Colt David was realeased by Als Monday, he confirmed to us (GoAlsGo twitter account) via his personal account.

Not surprised to see Walls (aka Cheatwood 2011) get released. Harriott is a bit of a surprise.

I think the Als let go Walls to make room for Erik Clanton. Jim mentioned on the weekend that cuts would be coming and it is the coaching staff that are making the calls.

The last updates to the off-season roster were made April 5,2011;we were then at 81 players-3 above limit- consisting of 46 imports and 35 non-imports. Since then,from what Jim Popp said and what was written or said,there have been no less than 7 "deletions",i.e. 4 retirements and 3 releases.

On April 5,2011, we had,amongst others, 15 defensive linemen and 14 linebackers; we are now at 11 defensive linemen and 12 linebackers.

Excluding the 2011 draft choices,we can now add 4 more players to the off-season roster; if we include Sam Whyte-P/K- and Erik Clanton-DE/LB-,2 more can be added; we could add more but deletions will have to be made. Personnally, I expect the addition of at least 2 defensive backs. I also expext the additions of 2 territorial choices/exceptions-at least 1 WR-; these 2 don't count against the 75 players allowed. Before main training camp, a total of up to 83 players could be signed.-75+3+3+2-

Before "main" training camp,7 players,excluding draft choices, will have to be released; to me,these players should/could be amongst the followings:Remene Alston-RB-,Ivan Brown-DE-,Buster Davis-LB/DL-,Ahman Green-RB-,John Hashem-OL-,Kyle Jones-LB-,Jermaine McGhee-DE-,Jerry Porter-WR- and Reggie Smith-WR-.

No,I won't bet/guarantee funds to charity, but I will be extremely surprised if Ahman Green is the starting RB/TB, once the 2011 regular season begins.


A revised/adjusted off-season roster is now on the Als site.

All players retired or released,as mentionned in my last post, are now excluded,except Gavin Walls who is still included on the roster; Sam Whyte -P/K- is now included. Erik Clanton is not included,yet.

Two other players are now excluded; they are: Remene Alston-RB- and John Hashem-OL-; in my last post I had them as possible deletions,prior to "main" training camp.

We are now at 74 players,i.e. 42 imports and 32 non-imports. Four-4- more players can be added,excluding draft choices.


Je ne suis pas certain, mais je crois que c'est Sean Whyte...

BTW Richard congrats on calling the Als would pay and trade for a BC kicker, I know your were thinking Mcallum but your were on the right track for sure.

Yep, good call Richard.

That said, I for one am glad we got Whyte instead of McCallum. If Sean works out, he could solidify our kicking game for the next five years, and permanently free up an import spot elsewhere on the roster.

Merci LeStaff; c'est bien Sean et non Sam. Mon erreur.

Thanks to HfxTC and disciplineandpunish.

I expected McCallum but I am sure glad that we traded for Sean Whyte; this trade is twofold; first he is a non-import and second it will have a positice impact/reduce the SMS.I could add that he is much much younger than McCallum.

Have a good day,despite the rain,at least from where I am.


We (certainly including myself) all knocked the team for not bringing in training camp competition for Duval.

Now the team is doing the same thing with Whyte. I dont think hes related to Mr. Lalonde!

We`re one hamstring away from having to call Matt Kellert out of retirement!!

Also have to find a decent holder.

A few comments/thoughts on the current off-season roster.

1.Defensive linemen.
We have 12 defensive linemen of which 8 are defensive ends; if we add Erik Clanton that's 9. Definitely too many DEs and not enough defensive tackles. I expect the deletion of at least 2 DEs and the addition of 1 or 2 DTs. Could Dan Klecko,-5-11,275 and 30 years old- whom Jim Popp has tried to sign for the past years be one of/or the addition? I hope so.Assets of this player: "Unique athlete. Very strong for his size,with a great base and leverage. Quick and disruptive. Plays with a non-stop motor.Runs better than most linemen." John Bowman,Chima Ihekwoaba,Kitwana Jones and Anwar Stewart will be the defensive ends.J.P. Bekasiak and 2 amongst Jervonte Jackson,Jermaine McElveen, Eric Wilson and,hopefully,Dan Klecko will be the defensive tackles.

  1. Import running backs.
    Two of these three backs will/should remain with the Als. They are: Yvenson Bernard,DeAndra Cobb and Brandon Whitaker. I say Whitaker will be the starter.

Brian Bratton,Eric Deslauriers,Danny Desriveaux,S.J. Green,Jamel Richardson and Kerry Watkins will be with the Als. Two receivers amongst Dallas Baker,Brandon London,Prechae Rodriguez and Rashaud Slaughter. I say London will be one of the two.

4.Import defensive backs.
Dwight Anderson,Jerald Brown,Mark Estelle and Billy Parker will be the starters. One amongst De'Audra Dix,Ryan McFoy and Seth Williams. I say Seth Williams.

Either Tim Maypray and Leroy Vann. I say Maypray.

6.Third QB
Either Ricky Santos or Paul Smith. I say Paul Smith.

There should not be too many changes/surprises regarding the offensive linemen and linebackers. Sean Whyte will be the K.
Injuries could change some of these expectations; while some of the players may not be included on the 46 players active roster,some of them will be added to the injury list and/or practice roster.


Richard, you list Eric Wilson as being in a potential battle to retain his starting DT spot. Any inside info for us? I would have thought Wilson’s spot was pretty secure, so I’m curious to get your take.

Based on current off-season roster/signings, I would say that Eric Wilson job is secure; if there is better competition/signing, such as Klecko, it would not be as secure. To me,Eric Wilson is not a great DT; he is fair/good. He averages 12 tackles a year and 1 or so sack. Good DTs average between 40 and 50 tackles a year and close to 9 sacks. Quite a difference! His age-he is 33-and maybe salary could "play Against" him. He is a good team player but we may need more.


harriott released isn't a surprise but being signed in the 1st place was!!

sorry but to say eric wilson isn't a great DT maybe in the ballpark but he's alot better and more important then you think!! I believe you don't understand his task on the DL!! he's exactly what the line needs!!

I believe you need to stop acting like anyone who disagrees with you must not understand football.

Further to what Richard has written, I think it is important to point out that the Als will have 2 additional import spots (from the Grey Cup lineup) to give them some flexibility this year. This is based on Whyte relacing Duval, and using a Canadian (Matte or Steenbergen) to replace Seagraves.
Here is how I see the 19 imports (non-QBs) broken down:

RB - 1 of Green, Whitaker, Cobb, Bernard
Receivers - Watkins, Richardson, Green, Bratton
DL - Stewart, Bowman, Wilson, McElveen
LB - Ferri, Cox, Guzman
DB - Estelle, Anderson, Parker, Brown
Returner - Maypray

That leaves 2 additional spots for 2 of the following:

a) I would like to see Deslauriers or Desriveaux win the 6th receiver spot, but if not there is room for 1 of Baker, Porter, Rodriguez.

b) A 5th import DB - perhaps Dix.

c) A special teams ace such as Kitwana Jones who can also backup at DL or LB.

There are always of course injuries and hopefully a rookie or 2 that shines in camp, but this is how I see the import structure.

Your cutting Dwight Anderson :o

He is ?