Als Pass Defense Comes Through

With a short time left in today's game, Ricky Ray generated a perfect pass to Kamu P in the Monreal end zone and, Kahill Carter stuck his hand out at the last second to knock down the pass. This play ilustrated the toughness of the Als today. The much maligned Alouette pass defence, despite R Ray's throwing, played to a winner in today's game against Edmonton. After a horrible first quarter in which the Esks blocked Duvel's kick and scored a touchdown, the Als defense showed strength. Time and time again Ray would complete his vaunted short passes to receivers who would be tackled IMMEDIATELY and this shut the ESKS out of first downs. There were no YAC yards for Edmonton today. I thought Sanchez played his best game of the season and the linebackers and defensive backs played well enough to win the game. At the end of the game Ray passed for a lot of yardage while these defenders played back to defend a game that was already won. The defensive line played their usual game and one has to give the Als defense an A 1 rating today. I thought Matt Proulx played his best game ever at his safety position with crisp shattering tackles. I was not suprised that Proulxis was selected over Boulay as starting safety.

Special teams, highlighted by Larry Taylor's 2 TD runs , showed well although I noticed Edmonton seemed to gain more yards through the punting game and, of course, left Duval open re the blocked kick. Calvillo, Cahoon,Watkins and especially Richardson played such that the Als , showed again, their power offence. Colbourne, despite dropping a TD pass was a demon in blocking for Calvillo. And, the offensive line stiffened by the second quarter. Now, on to the Grey Cup.